Saturday, November 18, 2006

breaking news!


Let me back up. My parents went away for the weekend, leaving me to hang out with my sister. I didn't have a party, I'm cooler than that: I rented The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Princess Diaries and New York Minute. (Though, before you judge, I had to compromise with my sister, who didn't want to see Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)
That said, The Lizzie McGuire Movie (and I know you've all seen it, don't deny) is genius. So good. And I just adore Gordo. So I did a little Google search on that actor and let me tell you (no, I don't have to, I can't show you) he's so attractive. He looks like he does a lot of drugs...totally my type (looking like you do a lot of drugs, you don't have to actually do em)

He looks so wasted...and attractive!

Of course, the Lizzie McGuire Movie offers not just Gordo...we also have Italians guys! (Seriously what more do you want in a movie?)

Beautiful, beautiful Paolo. Italian is my favorite language to listen to. I go to the library and get tapes in Italian because it's such a beautiful language. And Paolo really gives it to the audience: using "carina" as most people use connecting words such as "and" or "the"; wearing leather pants, being generally hot, driving a sweet Vespa, being sweet and gracious (let's just pretend the last twenty minutes of the movie don't exsist for now)

But hotter than Paolo and Adam Lamberg combined is Robert Schwartzman, who plays Michael is Princess Diaries.
In the books (hey, they're a lot better than the movie) Mia refuses to fuck Michael, which disturbs me. Is she asexual? Miiiiiiiichael, I will have sex with you. Please don't be fictional.


*emma* said...

dude every single part of this post could have been written by me.
when i watched the L Mc-G movie with my friends last month, i continued to profess my love for gordo like a ten-year-old. and HOLY CRAP HOW COULD MIA NOT FUCKING DO IT WITH MICHAEL?!? he is so hot. so very very garage band-chic. SO LOVELY!!!

alanna said...

dude, paolo looks like a girl, a very beautiful girl at that, but still a girl.
you know what depresses me? i am a girl and somehow have managed to wake up every morning with the same hair as michael's.

S said...

haha, i have the princess diaries, have yet to see new york minute, and would rather die than watch ANYTHING to do with hilary duff. that said, she looks like a freakish alien and she just copied everything to do with the olsens (movies, tv, fashion line etc. etc.)

Anonymous said...

I <3 Gordo, lol

love the blog I'm definetly linking you : ), hope you'll return the favor

Jane said...

yeah. i agree about the lyrics being wrong. i got them from another website and that line didn't sound quite right. do you know that robert schwartzman is in the band rooney? its a good one!