Sunday, November 05, 2006

maggot brain!

I love guitar soloes.
Adore them. They give me a warm happy feeling inside. Jimi, Prince, Santana, even Peter Frampton (I love the "Do You Feel Like We Do" solo to death!)...
but I found the King of all Guitar Soloes:

The album "Maggot Brain" by Funkadelic

"Maggot Brain" by Funkadelic.

It's ten minutes long, gorgeous, trippy, agonizing. Beautiful. The guitarist is named Eddie Hazel.

Eddie Hazel

I thought Funkadelic (led by George Clinton) was going to sound beyond funky, like the rad Prince-George Clinton duet "We Can Funk"...but no, it's a lot more than that. Mind-blowing. Check it out, y'all.

FUNKADELIC!! Though, I spot a few people who aren't in, uh, James Brown! WTF is up with that?

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*emma* said...

im cooking on an update! any day now, i swear. i've just been so pretty much nothing.