Monday, November 06, 2006

bimonthly pre-read review

What reasonable human being with a functioning sense of humour doesn't love "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report"?
I know I do! Which is why I was beyond psyched to see Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on the cover of Rolling Stone.
I just bought the 2004 issue with simply Jon Stewart on the cover from a second-hand bookstore and enjoyed it immensely. This one will undoubtedly be even BETTER because the hilarious Stephen Colbert will have equal coverage!
I don't get Comedy Central, so I've been reduced to watching reruns when I babysit or go to a friend's house. So I have to get my fake-news fill from Rolling Stone.
Hurry up and come, dammit!


Sarah said...

do you know a frances langtry, she use to go to your school in grade 7 & 6? on your bus too.

Sarah said...

yeah, i know her, acutally i'm really good friends with her. we came across some website (forget the name) where you had pics of you and friends, kinda like myspace, and i recognized the pictures (like the welcoming ones on your blog) and then remembered your blog. so it's weird how i'm interconected to you, even though i'm on the other side of the country. we thought it was pretty cool, she showed me some pics in her yearbook of you in grade 7, wow this seems stalkerish, haha, anyways, odd story, thought i'd tell you.

Maddy said...

"Fake news fill"? Pshaw! I get my only news fill from The Daily Show and Colbert Report. The only other news I get is... eww... Fox, when I'm at my friend's in the morning before school. Her family is Republican like whoah.

marY said...

i lovvve the colbert report (and the daily show. i dont get comedy central either, so i watch them either (they have every video) or youtube