Monday, November 06, 2006

my crappy day

I haven't had the best day ever.

Bill Clinton, whom I adore, is coming to town and a radio station was giving out tickets to see him speak (they're about $150, so I can't afford them on my own) and I tried calling in, I knew the answer to the song they chose ("Devil in a Blue Dress"...those sly bastards) but I didn't get the tickets.
I'm also fighting with a close friend...not fighting exactly, but not really speaking to each other due to reasons of anger.

I need to give you backstory so you can comprehend the worst blow of all:
If you are new to my blog, I love the sixties and psychedelia. So, naturally, I've been dying to see the classic psychedelia cult flick The TripI've also had a passing, but desperate, interest in seeing Psych-Out, another psychedelic classic. Imagine my excitement when I found both, packaged together on eBay for a very reasonable price!

(If you can't, imagine that is, it was extreme)

I bought them and began to await, with bated breath you can be sure.
I started to distress after about month. I began frantically contacting the seller and they asid "We sent it on September 1st, hold-up must be in Customs". Fair enough, I decided. But by the end of October, I'd had enough. I had to do it, dear readers...I left a negative comment.
In the eBay world, this is akin to vomiting on one's face, which was my sentiments exactly. So naturally I wasn't surprised when I received a negative comment on my account, which I share with my father.

Taking a morning Internet stroll, or my "rounds", as I call them (I check my Nexopia, Myspace, blog,, eBay, Pink is the New Blog and Rolling Stone's Rock Daily) I discovered (on the eBay part) that my dad had retracted my negative comment.

I began to get suspicious. After I had bought The Trip, my father had expressed concern that I might be frightened by it (I freaked out after watching Hitchcock's Vertigo) I was super-bitchy all day until my mom asked at dinner why I was "giving such an attitude". I asked my father if he had a DVD that happened to belong to me. After a bit of cajoling, the truth came out: The DVD had arrived ages ago but he'd never given it to me.

Needless to say, I threw a bit of a fit and ran up to my room to listen to a great psychedelic tape that, uh, my dad gave me (Cream, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moody Blues, the Turtles, Jefferson Airplane, etc)

Haha I bet the poster makes you want to see it too. Rad, huh?

Don't fear, duckies. I've sorted it out and I'll be getting my DVD back (along with an apology, I'm sure).

At least my Prince tote arrived today. That cheered me up. And you best believe I was given it immediately.


sandra said...

u love bill clinton? let me tell u something. i am a serb who used to live in croatia. my house was bombed and then just to make sure there was nothing left of it it was burned to the ground. i lost my uncle, cousins, grandpa and grandpa because of bill clinton. your praising a man who started a war in order to make things better. think about that.

molly said...

I guess I wasn't very clear. I had gone into more details before about my adoration of Bill Clinton, but I changed it because it was sort of rambly.

I do not agree with much of Bill Clinton's politics.
I just find Bill Clinton as a person to be charming and one of the better presidents in recent years.