Thursday, November 23, 2006

tyra attacks me personally!

...or at least, I panicked cuz I thought she was referring to me when she talked about their fans hating her for something she said, but she was making that sacrifice for them. (Ohh, she's such a martyr!) But then I realize it was filmed ages ago and Tyra Banks prolly doesn't read my blog.

Once again, lame photoshoot.
And I freaked out when CariDee's name was called - not in the bottom two! Thank you, Tyra.

So I don't fully understand this, but from what I gather, Teen Vogue is releasing two different versions of their latest issue...with my girlies Mary-Kate and Ashley.
Hmm, which one shall I buy?
Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I'm getting the MK one!


maya said...

obviously MK
my myspace is:
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Kit said...

srry haven't been commenting! yes, demetri martin is the fricking awesomest, how funny that you saw it before!


p.s. about ur other post, how bizarre, i work in a library too. this kind of scares me how similar we are... kidding

Anonymous said...

I want caridee to win pretty damn bad lol

Alison said...

Yay for CariDee!!! I really hope she wins, mostly because of her crazy cool dizzy hiding :p

S said...

i loved the photoshoot, but have yet to watch the rest of antm. i have only seen the last 10 minutes. personally, i am glad they finally split up the twins. and as for teen vogue? love it. it's about time they put them on the cover. though, i would much rather have the ashley cover, because i think it looks better.

alluretone said...

i like ashley's style better, but mk's teen vongue cover looks much better. i don't get why teen vogue did this either. maybe to see which twins the readers prefer for future reference?

psychadelic Oblivion said...

lol thats strange why didnt they just wait for next month to put ashley on one???

Jane said...

yeah, i'd do for ashley. she was always my fave.