Friday, December 01, 2006


6. Prince - "The Beautiful Ones [Unreleased Extended Edition]" (but the original works too) Horny, pleading, pissed off, cocky and loud: five adjectives I want in a Prince song, and this (also Purple Rain-era) one delivers. The beginning is gentle and ballad-y but it builds and builds until by the end he's screaming. Siiigh.

7. Van Hunt - "Hello Goodbye"
Van Hunt, besides being really hot, also writes great songs...bonus!

8. Vanity 6 - "If A Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up)"
Prince's slutty proteges (AKA, he wrote all the songs and dictated everything about them) do a hilarious diss song. Vanity calls her boyfriend and, when a girl picks up, starts a fight with her. SO FUNNY! Interesting fact: That's my precious Princey playing the 'other woman'

9. Sly & the Family Stone - "If You Want Me To Stay"
Funkiest bassline ever. You can try to challenge me on that, but you won't win.

10. Love - "Little Red Book"
Saved my precious Love for last. Love is my favorite band and I'm not sure if I've mentioned them before. Bizarre. Anyways, they're probably the best psychedelic band of all time and this song is far out.

There you have it! I'm sure I'll do another similar post soon enough.

P.S. Emma, what happened to your blog?? Where did it go?


*emma* said...

i accidentally deleted it :^(
i had zero time for blogging and i didn't want to piss people off by being the Non-Blogging Girl so i didn't try to resuscitate it. i'll be making a new one in about a month when my workload decreases a bit, but until then i'll be reading your piece of blog heaven religiously!

maya said...

isn't prince just too cool?

alluretone said...

whoa. i'm suprised to hear that people prefer robert plant over jimmy page. jimmy page was sooo smokin back then.. haha. have you ever seen the led zeppelin dvd by any chance? it is sooo good. i didn't like it when robert plant had that whole pointy moustache thing going on.

i'm pretty sure that i read in a zeppelin biography that the song was originally written by joni, but i have no clue where to find a recording of it. maybe it was joan baez. idk i'll check and tell you lol.

Touche19 said...

I LOVE THE NEW COLLAGE (or is it somewhat old...?)
and no worries, I'm back to blogging.


ambika said...

That is the best Sly & the Family Stone song *ever*. My ex-boyfriend actually learned the bass line, he loved it so much.