Monday, December 04, 2006

r.i.p. mariska

Ironically enough, just after I did a post urging people to download Shocking Blue, Mariska Veres, their lead singer, passed away.
She died on December 2nd, at the age of 59. She had cancer.

Obviously, this is the perfect excuse to download more Shocking Blue! She had a great powerhouse voice, similar to Grace Slick, if you dig Jefferson Airplane. If you like "Venus", try "Send Me a Postcard" and, my favorite Shocking Blue song, "Long Lonesome Road".


sarah said...

you're using her death as an excuse to download more songs? jesus, be careful what you write on this blog

coco said...

i've never heard them, but ill deffinately check them out.

molly said...

umm, no, im not using her death as an excuse to download her music.
i dont need to, i have the CDs.

im using her death as an excuse to encourage other people to get into shocking blue.
because they rock.

sorry if youre offended
but i doubt mariska would be.

Jane said...

i've never heard jefferson airplane before, but i've seen the house that they wrote a lot of their music in. its in the same town that my dad lives in. and what you said about getting music isn't offensive at all. all of van gogh's work became famous after he died!