Wednesday, December 27, 2006

mary-kate and a good movie, together at last (in my post)

Hair, glasses: err, not so much
Outfit, especially the scarf: love it

Quick! Go see the original Hairspray before you get bombarded by the new remake starring High School Musical's Zac Efron (though unfortunately, not as chubby Tracey).

Bonus: Blondie frontgoddess Deborah Harry plays a psycho stagemom!


Anonymous said...

Molly, are they remaking "Hairspray"? or are they doing a film version of the Broadway musical adaptation?

I'll have to do some sixties music postings for you some time. I've been thinking about doing a who gave birth to who The Yardbirds gave birth to Cream which gave birth to Blind Faith, which gave birth to Derek and the Dominoes and get the idea.

As for Arlo Guthrie. The shaggy gray haired guy is great in concert. I saw him with Harry Chapin. Considering the antiwar sentiment I would expect him to do Alice's Restaurant.

Tell me something, I am really curious...what led you to this obssession with the sixties?

Anonymous said...

I love Mary-Kate's outfit!! Oh and that would be Hil-arious if Zac efron played the chubby girl. I literally Laughed Out Loud!

maya said...

i will rent it tonight
and in answer to stewart sternberg, have you seen how cool the 60's are?

Anonymous said...

I will have to rent that as well, but not tonight b.c I'm watching the devil wears prada again

Anonymous said...

as much as i love the olsens, lately their hair color has baffled me. ashley, who went dark, looked much much better blonde. and mary-kate? i much prefered her 2003 days with chocolate brown. the platnum washes her out.

Anonymous said...

her hair looks much better here. i didn't like it straight, her natural wave is soo pretty! but, god i hope that the blonde do is only for a movie or temporary. i love the shirt and the ankle boots. the sunglasses are okay, i think she looks better in thoes dark raybans she always wears.