Thursday, December 28, 2006

im probably luckier than you

Not to brag, but I just might be luckier than you. Unless you're Winona Ryder (who stole my life by growing up in a hippie commune and hanging out with my beloved Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti), that is. Here's a few reasons why.

A little sample of what I got for Christmas. So lovely.

I actually get paid money to babysit this adorable little genius.
The guys at my record store are nice enough to give me that stunningly awesome Stevie Nicks poster for Christmas.
I have an amazing collection of Rolling Stones. Almost 100 now.
I own one of the coolest T-shirts I've ever seen. Jefferson Airplane blows my mind.

Remember, kids, Envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.


Anonymous said...

That tee shirt is amazing, I'm turning greenish..

marY said...

i'm pretty sure that airplane is from a kids book my mom used to read me...
shit, now it's gonna really bother me that i don't know!

Anonymous said...

love the tee.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if you've ever heard of plannine's site, but it is a cool place for sixties music. It's sort of a top thirty and more of oldies.

Anonymous said...

aww he is sooo cute, little kids are so adorable. my neighbor down the street just ahd a baby and she is so cute

Cool Like Chloe said...

i admit , i am envious of the rolling stones mags. i own about, let me see... one :( ya ya i know. its sad

psychadelic Oblivion said...

absoloutly loooove the shirt.
hey guess who my new favourite band is: mother love bone....heard of them?? there amazing.
well im buyinverses and a guitar today adn trucking them both on the bus to work woth me :P my mother thinks im crazy.
hey i got saturday off so possibly a saturday night sleepover.
i will call you tomorrow cuz im spending the night at megans tonight.

discothequechic said...

ooh niice presents! ahh Christmas is so great!

Did anyone get any presents that were terrible?

I actually feel rather smug as I didn't get anything I don't like...yet!

S xx

Julz said...

your doing pretty well! good holiday stash... and I wish I got to babysit for someone so cute. I only get my brother.

Anonymous said...

hhaha o so jealous. But I totally got an archie christmas double digest too. :P that tshirt is awesome !:)

joanna said...

i'm pretty sure i saw that t shirt the other day in target. i am mucho jealous.