Thursday, December 07, 2006



And we've all been predicting it from the start. She hid dizzily, she sucked on the runway, she hooked up with hot Italian boys. Could this chick be more lovable?


I was so jittery all episode and then when Tyra said "America's Next Top Model is..." I felt this calm come over me because I knew it was CariDee. And then her face appeared and Melrose gave this huge fake smile and then began to cry...

a beautiful moment.

I'm not a huge fan of Seventeen, but I'm definitely buying the issue with my girlie on the cover. Though the photoshoot looked so lame and Seventeen-y. The cheesy grin and the fake lollipop...uh, no. But whatever. The one with Tyra was better.

Did everyone else laugh hysterically when Melrose freaked out over the dress?

Though I must admit, Melrose did way better on that sweet runway. BUT STILL! CariDee is the winner!

Cool-ness always wins over perfectionism.


maya said...

i had to know and now i have ruined it for myself
she totally deserves it,
i mean, how cool is her name?
x x x

Sarah said...

for the world map thing, i just added it like two days ago. it's neoworx i think, but if you click on it on my blog, it'll take you to the site, it's really easy to put in too. just edit your html

*emma* said...

OH MY GOD i love that caridee won!!! god she is sooo cool and melrose sucks.
i detest melrose
and i am so excited for caridee to be in seventeen. i think she might be the first ANTM model to actually end up...uh...modeling

joanna said...

agreed, emma. i think she'd be great in magazines like seventeen and whatnot. she's not too thin and actually pretty. unlike some models who look more like premature babies/aliens. yuccckie!

Anonymous said...

ANTM was kind of boring this season, but Cari Dee was my favorite, too. Melrose was best, but she seemed slightly unhinged, like she might burn down a motel one day if you pushed her too far. Eugena was more boring than knitting. So, best lady won. (And what was up with everyone making a big deal about the stick in the ass thing? It's not like she stabbed the guy.)

Touche19 said...

maaaan, if it was Melrose, I would have cried my eyes out.

Anonymous said...

i DEFINITELY laughed hysterically when melrose freaked about the dress. especially when tyra had just ercently done the tango dance thing and kept going despite having only one high heel on, let alone having some seriously minor damage done to a dress that isn't yours.

Anonymous said...

omg, i was super excited when she won. afterall, even though her runway walk sucked, she had a MUCH better covergirl shot than melrose, therefore they really had no choice. and, she is just cool.