Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2006 - kinda crappy

I know this sort of thing is traditionally done in late December rather than mid-January, but I have a sort of ANTI-TRADITIONISTIC personality.

The Best And Worst Singles of 2006:

BEST SINGLE OF THE YEAR: Ciara's "Promise"

As you know, because I've raved about this song in at least two posts, even though Prince released an album this year, it was kinda mediocre, and nothing on his album 3121 was as Prince-y as Ciara's "Promise".

WORST SINGLE OF THE YEAR: Rihanna's "Unfaithful"

"I don't want to be...(pause for dramatic effect and so Rihanna can gaze mournfully at the camera)....a murderer!"
The lyrics were GOD-awful. "I don't want to be a murderer"????? NO! Lamest thing ever.

Interesting how the best and worst singles both came from single African-American girls who are known for not really having strong voices.

(Please remember this is my OPINION....yes I'm allowed to express it)


maya said...

yes, my picture is marianne faithfull. she is just so beautiful!
we went to portrait gallery tday with school and i just sat infront of a portrait of paul mcartney for literally an hour. my friends all think i'm mad. but you understand right?

discothequechic said...

yes! totally agree about the Rihanna song! The lyrics are the naffest ever- and what does she even mean "I don't want to be a murderer?


S xx

the lipstick lady said...

god. that song absolutely sucked balls.
you know, probably quite literally. but ANYWAYS.
maya and i are leaving mohawka and musings/malana goes to hollywood. sad, eh?

Anna said...

I hate Unfaithful, so good choice. She is extremely nasal (sings through her nose) when she sings that song. (Being around a choir makes you have strange pet peeves.)

Regina and Renee said...

I love Ciara's "Promise" too! it is an awesome song and has a good beat!! cute blog!!


S said...

personally, i think htey are both terrible, i really don't like hip-hop-ist songs

holly said...

the rhianna lyrics were awful. just crap. a big pile of poo.

Alison said...

Omg i definately agree about the rihanna song... just totally awful.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh, Rihanna has a scarce amount of creative talent, but while Promise isn't my fave song, kudos to Ciara for emotion in the song itself.

Candid Cool said...

i am with u on this one. like promise. and i can't stand the... i don't wanna be...a murderer.

The Girls said...

my sister hated that rihanna song, but i really liked it!