Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Okay, so I watched the Golden Globes last night for one reason alone: Prince was nominated for Best Original Song for "Song of the Heart" from Happy Feet and, according to my trusty prince.org, was planning on being there. For those of you who didn't watch (probably all of you) the award was given second, pretty much five minutes into the show. Justin Timberfake was the presenter and, of course, Prince won. But he wasn't there!
Apparently, he got stuck and traffic. Hugh Grant later asked him to stand up and take a bow, but of course I missed that because the Golden Globes are so damn boring that most of the time I was just switching back and forth between that and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Though later I saw him in the background when Eddie Murphy won and I screamed and ran up to the screen.

He was looking pretty fly in a gold suit.

I was disappointed that Sienna Miller wasn't looking good (the hair?) and I didn't spot the Olsen twins, despite them being at the pre-party (see previous entry).
But you know who did look great?
Miss Golden Globe herself, Lorraine "Daughter of God" Nicholson.
Very pretty dress, her hair and makeup were lovely.

Not as pretty as Prince but then, who is?


maya said...

i want to do a post but i have no idea what to do it about.
how do you always have such good ideas?
also, what happened to your header?

maya said...

i've also just realized that in your photography post there's a picture of crosby stills and nash
i love them!

S. said...

I never watch award shows because, like you said, they are boring. Then, the next day all you hear about is what so and so wore and did and said and you feel like you missed something great.

Love Prince, he is IT.

Anonymous said...

Lorraine did such a great job! I always enjoy watching Jack's reaction to all the show's madness.

And prince was so humble!! I knew he would win

dusk&summer said...

damn, they were boring weren't they??

pssff isn't a rule that traffic should not affect greats like Prince?

Sunniva said...

Lorraine Nicholson looked gorgeous, she was really fantastic!
And Prince..ohhh..he is The One..no one else would win that award!!