Monday, January 15, 2007

getting twin-ny again

Ashley is back to blonde! Which is such a relief.

I'm a little disappointed in Mary-Kate for wearing fur, but other than that, I think they both look great.

If only, if only, Mary-Kate could go back to this hair colour:

That's the best colour for her, I think.


Maddy said...

Mary Kate looks bizarrely classy. I haven't seen her clean up so well since her Full House days.

d. chedwick bryant said...

why am I fascinated with these two? must be the clothes.

maya said...

and also
we've changed the name for mohawks and musings to malana goes to hollywood

S. said...

I love green and sorry, love fur too.

I've linked you :)

alluretone said...

hate the fur- but the green dress is heaven.

i've heard about axl touring, but i don't really like him lol i mean i love his voice, but idk i don't think it'd be good because the original gnr lineup won't be playing with him. i mean gnr without slash on the guitar?! nahh. plus, i'm really hating axl's cornrow look-grosss.

Marissa said...

That green dress is wonderful, even though the fur looks nice I always imagine fur smelling bad, like mothballs. Oldish.

S said...

i love mk's green dress, although popsugar slammed it calling her "a little kid playing dress up in her mom's 70s hooker clothes". harsh.

Touche19 said...

dito about the fur, but I like the green on MK, and Ashley's whole look is starting to go down the drain!! tres tres depressing.

they need to start looking individual again! Huzzah!

d. chedwick bryant said...

Years ago, I was in a video store with a friend and I claimed i could tell the Olsen Twins apart because one of them had buggier eyes that the other. There were posters of them in the store, and I could not tell them was only much later that it dawned on me. RETOUCHING! They seem to grown out of their bug eye phase, but there was a time...How many years have they been famous anyway? And can you imagine them at age 78? (see Gloria Swanson in the film Sunset Boulevard, make thinner & multiply by 2)

Siobhan said...

i completely agree with what you said! i think mary-kate's style is riskier than her sister's and i don't really like the fur but generally like her style.
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