Thursday, January 25, 2007

the face behind the mask...ooooh!

So I planned a glorious, exciting weekend, but it's exam week and my would-be partner-in-crime is bailing, so it looks like it'll be a weekend of too-much-Full House and gazing at my lava lamp (not the one pictured above, unfortunately). Studying?

So it's kinda weird to be reading a blog and having no idea what the person writing looks like. So just so you can know what I look like (and partly because I have nothing to post and I love posting) here are a couple pictures. I don't really have any good ones, but here you go...
Hey maybe this can be a blogging trend like the "five things you didn't know..." thing. Because I like knowing what people look like!
It's faux of course, and it's not even mine. But I love how in the background there's a picture of Mick Jagger wearing a furry hood.
When I was in San Francisco I went to an exhibit of Jani Joplin's art work. This is my favorite picture of myself ever...that's an original Woodstock poster in the background.

Me in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury, my favorite place ever.

Yeah so there you go. ANOTHER lazy-ass post. You probably hate me.


Touche19 said...

and your hair is so pretty!!!

About the surprise party:
haha, I'm so terrible, I'm actually having her party on feb 3rd so that I can watch the superbowl halftime show on feb 4th! Plus, my fam is having a "superbowl-ish" party that day anyways.....but it's the thought that counts!

S said...

hate you? ah no. you have perhaps one of the best blogs, because your posts are so varied. from fashion to music, to random thoughts. what is not to love about your blog?

mareGa said...

Not. At. All!. For God's sake Molly! How older are you!?

Emma said...

this is my brand-spanking-new blog. it's emma, of bubblegumcynic, BTW. hi!

maya said...

if you ever wonder what i look like just look at my myspace

holly said...

phish food ice cream is chocolate icecream with little chocolate 'phish', melted marshmallow and melted toffee.
its incredible.
thanks for being so nice about the rehab thing, i was really nervous about posting it.

Tru said...

We could never hate you, pictures

Regina and Renee said...

dont say that! i dont hate you entirely...JUST KIDDING! i could never hate you! love your pictures!!!!


Gina said...

I am IN LOVE with your tshirt in the first post. rock and roll. totally.


Crazy Eddie said...

You are gorgeous. You're like my little hipster wonder chicky...

I too love the fact that you posed with the furry cap ala Mick...

So young yet so smart.