Monday, January 22, 2007

who doesnt love irony?

Paula Abdul on American Idol judges singers, but I just heard her song "Straight Up" and she can't really sing.
She's such a weak singer so what gives her the right to tell singers if they're good or bad?
Very silly, very silly. Guess the show needed a celebrity and she was the only one they could get.
So Oscar nominations were released this morning and Prince got snubbed, sob sob and all that. I just assumed he was going to get nominated because he won the Golden Globe, but you win some, you lose some, I guess. I had just hoped he would be nominated so he would perform, but I guess I'll have to be satisfied with the Super Bowl.

Anyways to celebrate the snub, Prince is certainly getting a song (if not more in the future) in my Hall of Fame of awesome lyrics. Today's winner: The amazingly sexy and romantic "If I Was Ur Girlfriend" (And by 'girlfriend', he means 'best girl friend', just to clarify)

If I was your girlfriend
Would U remember 2 tell me all the things U forgot
When I was your man?
Hey, when I was your man
If I was your best friend
Would U let me take care of U and do all the things
That only a best friend can
Only best friends can
If I was your girlfriend
If I was your girlfriend
If I was your girlfriend
Would U let me dress U
I mean, help U pick out your clothes
Before we go out
Not that you're helpless
But sometimes, sometimes
Those are the things that bein' in love's about
If I was your one and only friend
Would U run 2 me if somebody hurt U
Even if that somebody was me?
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be
If I was your girlfriend
If I was your girlfriend
Would U let me wash your hair
Could I make U breakfast sometime
Or then, could we just hang out, I mean
Could we go 2 a movie and cry together
Cuz 2 me baby that would be so fine
If I was your girlfriend
Baby can I dress U
I mean, help U pick out your clothes
Before we go out
(If I was your girlfriend)
Listen girl, I ain't sayin you're helpless
But sometimes, sometimes
Those are the things that bein' in love's about (sugar)
Sugar do U know what I'm saying 2 U this evening? (sugar)
Maybe U think I'm beinga little self-centered (if I was your girlfriend)
But I, I said I want 2 be (sugar)
all of the things U are 2 me (sugar)
Surely, surely U can see (if I was your girlfriend)
Is it really necessary 4 me 2 go out of the roomjust because U wanna undress?
I mean, we don't have 2 make children 2 make love
And then, we don't have 2 make love 2 have an orgasm
Your body's what I'm all about
Can I see U?
I'll show U
Why not?
U can tell me because I'm your friend I'll do it 4 U
Of course I'll undress in front of U!
And when I'm naked, what shall I do?
How can I make U see that it's cool?
Can't U just trust me?
If I was your girlfriend U could
Oh, yeah, I think so
Listen, 4 U naked I would dance a ballet
Would that get U off?
Then tell me what will!
If I was your girlfriend, would U tell me?
Would U let me see U naked then?
Would U let me give U a bath?
Would U let me tickle U so hard U'd laugh and laugh
And would U, would U let me kiss U there
You know down there where it counts
I'll do it so good I swear I'll drink every ounce
And then I'll hold U tight and hold U long
And together we'll stare into silence
And we'll try 2 imagine what it looks like
Yeah, we'll try 2 imagine what, what silence looks likeYeah, we'll try 2 imagine what silence looks like
Yeah, we'll try...

Do some of the lyrics sound vaguely familiar? Because Beyonce, God damn her, jacked some of them for Jay-Z's "02 Bonnie and Clyde"
You know how I feel about her. Grrrr.


Marissa said...

I can't say that I read all of those lyrics, but I still think it's cool that they go left, middle and then to the right. Very hip hot and happening, did Prince do that or did you?

mareGa said...

Molly, you're really into Prince, right?

alluretone said...

what was with paula abdul being drunk and weird? i've never heard her sing and i don't want to. i can't really imagine any good singing comming out with a voice like hers. okay i suck at singing and am being critical. haha

S said...

I really hope dear leo wins, as he didn't get anything from the golden globes, even when he was nominated twice in the best actor award.
haha, of course, laguna beach is like, the best! and as for Adam Lazarra, he is the lead singer for taking back sunday and he is amazingly hot.

Tru said...

aww did he really get snubbed? sry bout that

coco said...

i adore prince, he is one of my all time fave artists. and if i was your girlfriend is one of my faves.
i love peach and u got the look as well.
and im pretty smug ive had my hands on a best actress oscar before beyonce, and we all know how bad she wants it.

S. said...

He is well....he's Prince. I'm hoping I'll be his 3rd and final wife.

Miss V. said...

I haven't watched American Idol before, but it sucks when people criticize others for doing things they themselves can't do well.

Prince is cool, I like "Kiss" :)

holly said...

paula abdul.
when i watch american idol, when people are singing, i only seem to notice that immense smile she plasters on her face to hide the agony she's going through.
probably because the singer is better than her.

maya said...

i hate it when stupid people steal amzing song lyrics and ruin everything!