Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the key seems to be three words and maybe some erotic food

Last night I dreamed about David Bowie, (awesome, i know) and I woke up and realized SHIT I forget Zowie! And then Maya left a comment reminding.
David Bowie named his son Zowie Bowie. And Zowie, let's not forget, is pronounced to rhyme with Bowie.
That's one sweet name.
Continuing from my last post about awesomely unique names, let's recall some of the great band names of the Sixties.
The Grateful Dead - A rad name, to be sure, but I prefer a name suggested by guitar god Jerry Garcia: The Mythical Ethical Icicle Tricycle. Best. Almost-Band Name. Ever.
Ant Trip Ceremony
Relatively Clean Rivers
The Strawberry Alarm Clock

The Chocolate Watchband

I also adore Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, I've got a sweet picture and everything, but I can't post it. DAMN YOU BLOGGER!

What your favorite? Music-wise, I'm partial to the Strawberry Alarm Clock, but for name alone, it's hard to beat the Grateful Dead.


stockshaker said...

YES! Mumbai is better than Bombay. However, Bombay will be forever a great place to me. NOt just because I absolutely love Bombay (well, Mumbai) (its my second fav city in the world, after Paris). but because when I went to Prague, i went to this really swank lounge called ... Bombay!

Sorry for leaving a conversation in your comment section, but appreciated you popping by mine.

See ya later alligator!

Anonymous said...

I dream about David Bowie with alarming frequency.

Led Zeppelin is a really clever band name, and Pink Floyd and The Velvet Underground are also excellent. I've always thought The Dishpan Hands would be a great band name.

Anonymous said...

Would you consider me too much a sell out if I said that one of my favorite bands of that time was John Sebastian and the Lovin Spoonful..or perhaps The Buffalo Springfield?

maya said...

i really want to call one of my sons ringo
do you think that's ok or will he get teased?
and i want to call one of my daughters Lola
and maybe another one Andi
but i'm not sure

j said...

Well, the name has become so household it has lost it's panache, but I always thought The Rolling Stones (gather no moss) to be a great band name.

Anonymous said...

why oh why do people make their child's name rhyme with their last name?

Anonymous said...

My favorite band name is Lemon Demon. Not sixties at all, but I personally think that excellence exceeds all time restraints.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of The Strawberry Alarmclock but the name rocks.

Anonymous said...

tru, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Chamber Brothers, Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Airplane, and The Amboy Dukes (with Mr. Ted Nugent) were all drug bands, otherwise known as psychedelic music. It's still my favorite type of sixties stuff next to the blue eyed soul of such bands as Cream, the Yard Birds, and John Mayall.

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