Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One of the reasons the world has held celebrities dear in its collective heart is their penchant for giving their children awesomely unique names. I've watched in horror as the names have gone from fantastically clever (Donovan's daughter Ione Skye) to disgustingly bad (Apple?)
My celebrity baby name hall of fame:

Of course Frank Zappa's daughter Moon-Unit. Like her brother Dweezil, Moon-Unit is blessed with the knowledge that she will never be in the embarassing situation of a name mix-up, excluding the possibility of obsessed Zappa fans naming their children as he did.
James Gurley (of Big Brother & the Holding Company, Janis Joplin's band) named his son Hongo Ishi, Native American for "Mushroom Man"
Jason Lee and son Pilot Inspektor.
Grace Slick (frontwoman of Jefferson Airplane and my personal idol) and husband Paul Kantner (also of Jefferson Airplane) at first named their daughter god (uncapitalized, so she would "remain humble") but then changed it to China.

Andre 3000 named his son Seven, which I love (and is a total nod to Seinfeld). Big Boi, also of Outkast, named his sons Bamboo and Cross.

I plan on naming my child Dylan Cassidy (if it's a girl, but I'd just call her Cassidy) or Arlo (if it's a boy)

What about you?


Elizabeth said...

no, I dont go to mount doug. Please try again! LOL wanna trade links?

Anonymous said...

I always loved Micah and Maverick (hence my blog's name). I would love a son who fits the actual definition of the word maverick, so it would only be fitting to brand him that name...

I love your choice in names and I totally agree with you regarding today's horrid names...

Apple... ugh!
Coco ... ugh!

I'm aware that Coco is short for Courtney Cox and all... but geez.

I'm in loooooove with your blog girly. Your pic is fly too. Besos para ti.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not quite sure... I like Irina, Naima, Renee, Almudena, Penelope... OK, yes, they're not thaaaaat original! Hahaha!

Thanks for linking me Molly!

stockshaker said...

Ok, does anyone really think Andre 3000 is a great dresser? Now, some stuff, is good, but he's pluggin a lot of cowboy crap, which is so wierd...

I know its pretty cliche-ish but my first kid is named Mumbai. Second kid: Bombay. Third kid, Mumbai #2.

Just cuz they finally changed the name back to Mumbai, India.


Anonymous said...

ha. amazingly entertaining, although might i add nicholas cage's child is "Kal-El" after, wait for it, superman. crazy.

psychadelic Oblivion said...

oh my dear you know i love this entry....i never heard your dylan one tho i love it. tres cute, especially for a girl:
Nick wants to name his some Keto, hi havtn decided how i feel about that yet.
for a girl: Micah
boy: Noah or Isaiah STILL :P

Anonymous said...

Haha, even thinking about naming your child god is kind of amazing. Hmmm, I would name my child after a city. Not anything cheasy like Paris, but something like Moscow or Venice.

maya said...

david bowie called his son zowie
as in zowie bowie
happy new year

Anonymous said...

those are hilarious...you know i've always wanted a more unique name but umm Moon unit?? lol ps-check out pink tutus I'm asking you to defend MK. :P

Anonymous said...

the minute I begna to read this post I though of moon unit and dweezil. Lol My friend's cat was named Dweezil.

Anonymous said...

moon-unit? i have to say it's weirder than apple, but it's sweet. apple is just.. a fruit? i like pilot inspektor and hongo ishi. lol

btw, arlo is an adorable name for a boy. dylan cassidy- referring to bob dylan?

Anonymous said...

One cannot forget the son of Jermaine Jackson: Jermajesty!!! That has got the the best celebrity baby name evah!