Friday, January 12, 2007


Okay, I know a lot of my readers aren't going to know who I'm talking about here, but I just have to rant.

Remember when the news came that Lindsay Lohan might possibly be playing our dear, sainted Stevie Nicks?

This is almost as bad.

Which means pretty darn terrible.

If there's a gang I love-cherish-and-worship, it's the Merry Pranksters, a band of complete crazies who danced around the 60s, swathed in day-glo and sweating acid.

Their leader was the astoundingly awesome Ken "Swashbuckler" Kesey (they all had nicknames), who you may know as the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
But the heart and soul of the group was Neal "Speed Limit" Cassady. You may have heard of Jack Kerouac and his Beat classic On the Road. Chances are, you haven't. But the crazy Dean Moriarty was a character based on Cassady.

A new biopic coming out this year called Neal Cassady is starring Tate Donovan (The OC) as Neal and Chris Bauer (It's OK, I've never heard of him either) as Ken Kesey.

The true Neal Cassady


The true Ken Kesey


I just realized I picked photos that had Ken Kesey and Chris Bauer in the same pose, and Neal and Tate Donovan likewise.


maya said...

that is the biggest disgrace
i've never heard the merry pranksters but i will look them up
also everything is changing
look at mohawks and musings to find out about it
and them link mohawks and musings

Marissa said...

When I met Feist it was because my friend sort of knew somebody working there so we convinced him to let us go backstage. At Feist we just waited till a lot of people cleared away and us and a few others just called her name until she came out. These were both outdoor cocerts though, so they were less strict.

Marissa said...

The first time I wrote Feist I meant Bedoin Soundclash.

Crazy Eddie said...

Stevie Nicks is a frickin' God. I do recall hearing about how Lindsay was determined to play Stevie and how I almost lost my lunch while doing so...

Don't get me wrong, I love the Hohan, but to take on such an icon would be a travesty. You and I know that it's completely laughable...

Besos to my hippy lusciousness.

Cee said...

This is Cee from couturecure,
I just wanted you to know that I have a new blog, fashion disorder,
and will not be countinuing couturecure.
Check it out sometime!

S said...

i must say, they do look quite similar...

Haute Girl said...

lilo should not portray any icon. never.

been there said...

please: do a little research before you go idolizing the 1960s.

it wasn't what you imagine.

imagine forty years from now you heard teens raving about how great 9/11 was and what an artistic wonder brittney was and universally popular president bush was.

please get some facts before you go on with this embbarassing show.


S. said...
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S. said...

Hi Molly, judging from your blog, you've probably already read this but, how about "I'm with the Band" by Pamela Desbarres? She's much trashier than Faithful but, interesting none the less.

As far as bios, try the bio of Francis Farmer. She lived in a time when being fiercely independant, intelligent and spirited was not tolerated. It's tragic.

Yeah, I don't want Lohan to play Stevie either.

And "been there" relax, there's no crime in enjoying the best of the 60's. I don't see anyone wishing to glorify the Vietnam war here.

molly said...

been there:

where in my blog do you see me raving about how great the vietnam war was? praising LBJ?

it would be bizarre if in forty years, kids were talking about how amazing 9-11 was, but it wouldn't be bizarre if they were obsessing over the great music that is coming out now, such as the red hot chilli peppers, black star, eminem, etc.

so please tell me whats wrong with enjoying music by artists from the sixties, or loving the fashions worn then?

and dont tell me to do research. do you think i just picked up a magazine, saw a feature on edie sedgwick and decided "ooh, i love the sixties"?
im not an ignorant person, i know lots about the sixties. i know it wasnt all fun and games, and i know a lot of horrible things happened.

maybe you didnt have a great sixties, but there are tons of people who did.

what doesn't make sense to me is now you're talking about what a crappy decade we're in now: george w. bush, britney...
what do you expect me to do?
obsess over now?

since you contradicted yourself, i dont really take your post seriously, though i do take it seriously enough to respond, obviously.

molly said...

"please get some facts before you go on with this embbarassing show. "

please tell me if ive been mistaken in any facts.
since you do not provide any example, im fairly certain i havent made any.

Anonymous said...

i hear the "neal cassady" movie is actually really good, funky, weird, and different. so... who knows? probably better than what coppola wil do with "On the road."