Saturday, January 13, 2007

whatever happened to predictability?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Uncle Jesse and family values?
What's not to love about Full House?
Though I can't decide if this picture of is really sexy (because John Stamos is giving the eyes) or a little disturbing (because he's holding his niece, giving the eyes while seemingly naked.)


Tru said...

I love Full House

Touche19 said...


ohhhhh Uncle jesse

Cee said...

ohh thanks!
i'll add you to my links too :]

mareGa said...


Crazy Eddie said...

Did you know that Alanis Morrisette wrote "You oughta know" about the blond dude from this show? Not Uncle Jesse, but the OTHER one. Yeah. I was effing floored when I found that out.

When you listen to those lyrics and think of this dude... I mean Jeez. He must've had a big one.

They dated for like 7 years supposedly, and when they broke up she went bonkers. Who would've thought?

A Wales Tale said...

cute with a touch of pedophile

but who doesnt love full house

psychadelic Oblivion said...


Pure Couture said...

I love Full House.