Sunday, February 04, 2007

the time has come, the walrus said

It was an incredible performance. I will start out by saying that. Over-the-top, for sure. The marching band, the Twinz, the moto-doves, the day-glo stage...but the performance was top-notch.
Not one but two guitars, Dylan, Tina Turner and Foo Fighters covers, a turquoise suit and he finally ripped that stupid bandana out of his hair: those were the high points.
The low? I was disappointed with the song choice. "Baby I'm a Star", "Purple Rain" and "Let's Go Crazy"? Those are the exact songs he performed with (shudder) Beyonce at the Grammys in 2004. I wish he'd thrown a bone to his hardcore fans and played some, even a lick, of something of his not on his biggest seller Purple Rain. I also wished he'd left the Twinz at home for once. All their hair-swinging was distracting.
All in all, though, a great performance.

The other high-point? Well, uh, the game! Or, more specifically, the first quarter. As a Bears fan, that's the best time. A touchdown in the first 12 seconds? Definitely unprecedented in SuperBowl history. Though in the end, the Colts came through and won it, it was a great game and I really enjoyed the whole spectacle.

I'll leave you with a couple more pictures of Mr. Nelson.


maya said...

i love it that you have a label that says 'beyonce needs to get over herself' it's so so true
also, you do realize molly is the coolest name ever
coz i just realized

Emma said...

i just read your profile, are you finding yourself unaccountably warming to Lily Allen too? because i...oh allright then, i love her.i love her annoying perky self, becausei can tell that under that happy veneer is a healthy layer of "fuck you eat shit". and that just makes me happy.
since you <3 prince so much, i may need to sample some ofhis music now.
rooopert forever.

dusk&summer said...

*sigh* what a snappy dresser lol

dusk&summer said...

ps- lily allen is funny is the song Alfie? lol

Anonymous said...

ohhh prince

I agree with you about the song selection. I would have loved to see him pull some of his less "popular" stuff out. But neverless, it was a pretty stellar performance.

Model Citzen said...

considering the weather, he rocked it out!

mareGa said...

Didn't watch the show, as I am not a big fan neither of Prince nor football. But hey! its cool!.

Anonymous said...

heart heart heart heart prince!It was an awesome performance! He did a great joB!