Thursday, April 05, 2007

auf wiedershen, moe

Let me start out with an "I'm sorry" for not posting for awhile after that long, (and if I may say so myself, brilliant) post from Monday. But here we are, Thursday and I never fail you with an exciting (okay, I can't guarantee that) America's Next Top Model post.
Let me start out by saying I hated the nickname choosing, and I thought Jael and Jaslene were smart to keep their own. And I actually like Nata, but the others failed miserably at that challenge. Dionne, aka Whoolahay, I'm looking at you.

Jael's pictures were a bit campy for me, but if that's what will get my girl called first I'm all for it. I loved her getting pushed into the pool by 50 Cent! I laughed througout the commercial break right after. And then that bitchy moment with Nicole Richie...
Celebrities should be on America's Next Top Model more often.
...and Natasha got called second! It was a pretty good episode for my ladies.
Man, if you had told me after the first episode that eventually I'd be cheering for Natasha, I would have told you to shut the fuck up. Funny how ANTM screws with my mind.
I'm very glad Sarah's gone. She's ugly and does this really annoying thing where she scrunches her nose and tosses her head around when she's happy.
And though I still hate Renee, I love her head scarves. Didn't at first but they grew on me.

Tomorrow I'm going to Vancouver to see Arlo Guthrie!!!!

So that means I won't be posting for awhile. And If I never post again, I'm probably on tour with Arlo Guthrie being his groupie. But even then, I'll still try to sneak in a post.

So write now I'm superbusy and I'm not going to have time to respond to all the fantastic comments you left me. I'll try to as soon as possible!


Anonymous said...

I love antm too!! I hated sarah.. tho i lik renee. even tho she is a bit of a bitchh.. Natasha is growing on me.. Soooo happy sarah is gonnee :D!!! i love ur blog and come every thrusday for ur thoughts on top model!!
Ps. love the 50 Cent thing too

-S said...

ah! so many posts to catch up on! antm = rather boring this cycle. i don't really like jael, and i was rather happy that sarah left. she was a bore.

Regina and Renee said...

oh, ANTM was the bomb yesterday...i swear when jael wouldnt leave 50 the fuck alone, i was like god i hope he pushes her into the pool, and *BAM*, he did!! i knew i liked that guy. and how did tyra go from whoolahay to brown?


alluretone said...

i haven't seen this yet, but nicole richie and 50 cents?! sounds like the most exciting ep yet!

have fun at the concert.

Miss V. said...

I wish ANTM will start soon...

stilettoheights said...

Natasha looks just like Mandy Moore in her "sexy" shot, and her "happy" pose is perfect for a neutrogena commercial...still not as cool as cracked out crime scene...but nice.

have fun with Arlo!!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i watched cycle 7 but haen't seen cycle 8 yet

Anonymous said...

Brown and NeNe? Tyra is not creative. Jael was annoying with 50 cent (and embarassing to watch, I had to look away) but I love when she gets renee going. When is Tyra going to point out the lack of neck that bitch has anyway? and Jael's bad skin. Any other cycle she would be all over these topics. It must be these two make it to the top 4 then she will bring up their flaws and boot them. So predictable!

the lipstick lady said...

ooooh i wish I had a tv with more than 5 channels on it.
did you know that TWO whole people on my poll voted fr me being mentally retarded??
I mean, I know it's true and all but HAVE SOME RESPECT.
jael's pictures are FEISTY, I'm using that word a lot lately, excuse me.

Tru said...

I love Natasha's suprised face.....but I hate to say it but I don't really liek JAel very much and her makeup i nthat shoot was soo overdone

maya said...

guess what? i watched it! i am in NY and my family went to toy r us so i stayed back and put the TV on and there was the opening credits.
I love Jael and some of the other girls are pretty cool too. I thought the photo shoot was really boring but i loved the party so much. I completely agree about having more celebrities.
have fun at the concert!

Anonymous said...

haha, yay for not posting in forever!!!

Emma said...

aaah! i too was at a concert tonight. for my aunts musician friend, so it wasnt like a big deal because hes not that famous yet, but its cool because we're touring with him and i just logged on at an internet cafe to check my email and blog and you're at a concert too!
sorry i'm sooooo punchdrunk.
we must compare concert notes when we both return to Blogtopia.

coco said...

i havent seen any of americas next top model but im so intrested in the whole idea of it.

WAT said...

This Arlo Guthrie. I heard of him before but am not too aware of his music.

I am intrigued now and must do some research. Thank you.

MOLLY GRAY said...

love nata's..
+molly g.+

Emma said...

i always agree with you about ANTM, but i LOVED whoolahay.
it made me giddy.

Poshhh said...

have to say nata's my favourite as well
don't you think its a little boring/slow this season?
i'm currently watching the season with nicole i think its season 6
much more drama

oh and i loved renee's headscarves as well, did you notice that brittany like copied her at one point during the show and was wearing like her own head scarf thing

think whoolahay was better as well.


Elle said...

oh yeah they were smart to keep Natasha around, i just really dont think she'll make it. sorry 2 say it but thhe language barrier I mean when they do the comericals (which they will) natasha will proably get the boot.
but im just hypothosizing.

alexgirl said...

I guess i'm starting to like Nata. Her pics were great, but you're right, they were very Noxema commerical.
Wholayay was fine, but when Tyra changed her name, all I could do was roll my eyes. So retarded. But whatever.
Can't believe you're going to see Arlo Guthrie. (didn't know he was still performing!)
Have a blast.

-ciao bella- said...

I am absolutely obsessed with ANTM! xx

Crazy Eddie said...

Jael is still hands down my fav ANTM. No matter what angle this bish stands in, she looks flawlessly correct...

That scene with 50 cent (fiddy as some people say... ugh) was great. I laughed my azz off.