Thursday, May 10, 2007

gotta work

As I get older, I listen to less and less pop music, but I keep being impressed by Amerie! Why has this girl not broken through? I just downloaded "Gotta Work" and it's amazing. Her sound is actually really distinctive, rare in pop music, except for her slower songs, which I just ignore completely. "1 Thing", "Take Control" and now "Gotta Work" have blown me away. Danceable but not really a guilty pleasure. I hope she doesn't fully break through. She's too good for it!

I also downloaded "Heart in a Cage" by the Strokes, which I saw the video for on a blog...Please Don't Feed the Models, I think. Thanks! They're quite sexy, no? And the lead singer is named Julian! I love any guy named Julian/Julien.

I also downloaded "Happy" by the Rolling Stones, even though I have it on LP (Sticky Fingers) and CD (Forty Licks)

And I got some Morris Day & the Time. And you get a second post today!


Anonymous said...

hmm i don't think we exactly share a taste in music, not too big on the stones or amerie, but some of the strokes stuff is great!

alluretone said...

i find amerie annoying, but the strokes.. my gosh, they have the best hair! yeah they're pretty sexy no matter their names.

Emma said...

oooh so agree on boys named julian. and the strokes. never really heard amerie, now must go look her up.

Model Citzen said...

yes, the post was about my little run in with julien two weeks ago here in nyc... i LOVE THAT SONG. so sexy.

WAT said...

Julian Lennon! Hey! I thought he'd reall amount to more, sounding much like his genius father. Oh well.

"Happy" by The Stones! YEEHA! Something so raw and basic about the Stones' music.

Love them.

maya said...

I really love Amerie too. she has the most incredible voice!
i kind of couldn't read any further than the strokes picture because the screen is covered in drool.

ok, not really cuz that's absolutely disgusting but you get the idea. i loveee the strokes!

stilettoheights said...

julian lennon....oh now I am daydreaming.

-S said...

amerie, didn't she come out a year or two ago? with that song, one, or something or something like that. i'm not sure. it was like pop-y, well, it was pop. but good noetheless.
and as for shopbop, i'm not sure if they have stores, but as far as my knowledge, it is only an online shop.

the lipstick lady said...

i looooove love love the strokes like a burning flame in my loins.
the drummer and the lead guitarist are the sexiest... fabrizio moretti and nick valensi (shut up, just because I know their full names. and where' they're from. and their love lifes. GOD nick valensi is married with TWINS to that poo amanda de candenet. I would hate her if she wasn't so cool), yumtitum.

holly said...

love the strokes, but no comparison to my lovely cure.

p.s. it's holly, I'm back! (read my blog. hint.)

Anonymous said...

the strokes = the sex
I once had this dream where I was at this concert, and the strokes just fell out of the ceiling on bungee cords and took over the show.

needless to say, it was amazing.
young Keith = gorge

Marissa said...

Fabrizio is a sexy name too.(my birthday is June 14th)