Thursday, May 10, 2007

and then there were three... must be admitted. The picture was god-awful. Even the chick behind her's like "What the fuck are you doing?"

But I think the gang-up-on-Natasha plan failed and the judges felt bad for her. Renee's back to her bitchy self...I knew the intervention wouldn't last long, except she's not the bitchy loner anymore...she's the bitchy ringleader who picks on poor Natasha just because she's a bit off.
But that's what I love about Natasha...a bit quirky but awesome. And if they saw her husband, they would completely understand the nuzzling the phone. I would've done more than nuzzle!
So the finale's next week, and then a break and then...Canada's Next Top Model! You Americans (and Brits) will hear allll about it from me!


the lipstick lady said...

oooh it's so tense and close to the final, it's funny because I'm basically rooting for people and I haven't even watched it. Actually, that's a lie. I was watching it online but then all of a sudden the episodes just stopped, so now I'm rooting for.... god, I dont even know!
who's left... renee, natasha and... someone... who's the last person?? is it jaslene?
I think renee will win, she's gorgeous, although I like natasha as a person waaay better

Anonymous said...

sadly, i do not watch ANTM, should i start?

btw, do you want to trade links? i love your random musings, even if you do like the hippie dresses haha!

Anonymous said...

yeahh for Natasha. i was so happy the gang up plan didnt work. it just makes me want Natasha to win more.

Emma said...

see, now i'm happy because i love your frickin' ANTM posts, they are my FAVORITE mollyposts.
i love nata and even though her pic sucked i was so pissed at the girls for ganging up on her. OY.

Tru said...

I was glas dionne went home....she should have went last week. even if natasha's photo sucked this week...dionne hasn't improved much at all

The Boob Lady said...

Did we get to see Natasha's husband? I don't remember that!