Wednesday, May 23, 2007

sexability comes in many forms

You know, it's not just rock stars that are sexy.

Well, I know you know that, but you're probably wondering, do I know that?
Yes, I do! For Nicola has showed me the way. Please, providing I have finally figured out how to put videos on my blog, watch these videos that Nicola so stealthily took at her Riders on the Storm concert. Have you ever seen such sexy head-shaking and bare enthusiasm for music? No, nowhere. I didn't see their faces, but I am assured that they were stunning.
(If the videos don't work here, you can see them at and Remember to rate them five stars!)

Speaking of sexy...a huge thank you goes to Rolling Stone for the INCREDIBLE cover. Drool, drooool. This is one issue I definitely have to get.
Oh, wait.
I have a subscription.
It's good because the other two magazines (Blender and Spin)I subscribe to have shitty covers this month (Avril Lavigne and Marilyn Manson, respectively)


molly said...

perhaps its not clear, but i mean the guys in the audience that are sexy
not the guys onstage
and not even the old guy in the audience!
the specific guy is on the right in the last video and featured in the first one

the lipstick lady said...

i presume you're saying keith richards is sexy, but I'll take johnny!
people just don't understand the power of dressing up, and the people that make fun of dressers up-pers are obviously half human half warthog. so it's ok.

Hannah Danger said...

Thanks for the comments on me blog =]

I like the Rolling Stone cover... might have to get myself a copy. Mm, Johnny Depp...

I like your blog too, it's nice and interesting :]

Tru said...

I almsot bought that mag today but I opted for the new Teen Vogue istead

jayne said...

hmm i think you need to randomly "bump into" this kid at concerts, he looks quite promising haha ;-) definitely more into it then most guys i've seen at concerts and kinda cute...thank god your friend is stealthy because we all get to appreciate this haha

def buying rollingstone! thanks for the tip

-S said...

i am really excited to see keith as johnny's father in pirates 3. and lets just hope that pirates 3 is good.

Miss Zoe said...

Love johnny. Love the facial hair!

Nicola's Vintage Boutique said...

thank you for posting my videos:)

everyone should check out the other video I posted on youtube.
you can really see how well the guy on the right in the last two videos has perfected the art of head shaking

and yes, they are the loves of my life

Touche19 said...


Money Miss said...

Dishy. Would buy if I had anything resembling money.

stilettoheights said...

Avril Lavigne was on the cover of one of my fashion magazines too...ugh.

That RS Cover is way hot.

CountryGirl_CityLife said... RS cover in years!