Friday, May 04, 2007

"im not an emotional person!"

Yessss, I have never been so pleased to have a contestant eliminated. That whiny bitch drove me crazy. The "I-got-hit-by-a-car" thing got so old (I sound like such a bitch) And Dionne made a good point: At the acting challenge, Brittany easily memorized a much longer script than for the Covergirl commercial. And I feel bad for her taxi driver!
Natasha, however, continued to amaze me. I still can't believe that my favorite is my least favorite from the first episode.
This picture is especially impressive, probably my favorite from the day.

Finished first unit of French (out of four).
Two-thirds of the way through Math.
Haven't started English.
Sorry for the late/short post!


CountryGirl_CityLife said...

aw, I loved britt, but she sure did show her true colors that last eppy or maybe the editors were hiding them before and saving then until now.

go NATA!!

Um, oddly, I didn't even Miss Jael, and I thought the show would have nothing w/o her.

Emma said...

YESSS!!! MOLLY ANTM POST!!! je te worship.

sayonara, britt. YOU DIDN'T TELL THE CAB DRIVER TO MEET YOU ANYWHERE, SKANK. i could say awful things about her short term memory and how of course she couldn't be expected to remember what she told the driver, but i won't. then again, the whole excuse WAS totally bogus.

agree w/countrygirl citylife, NATA NATA NATA. but i love jas-queen as well, and i love dionne, and even RENEE is getting better, although not fun enough for me to want her to win. or interesting enough. it was kind of awesome that she pulled out those photos of her son to get the job, was so shameless that i kind of loved it.

maya said...

i'm so glad you posted i don't even care that i dont know what you're talking about. Nata's photo is stunning, what was the shoot?

alexgirl said...

I so agree about Britt. "Uh, how come it was SO DIFFICULT for you to memorize 'easy, breezy, beautiful cover girl' but you could memorize and entire freakin' script the week before?" It made NO sense.

So, you're going to be in Europe all summer? I'm crazy jealous! Keep an eye out for my book and if you DO find it in some Euro bookshop you've gotta take a picture of it for me! hah. ;)

I hope Nata wins. WRONG IS THE NEW RIGHT!!!!

Tru said...

I use to like Britt but after that last episode I was soo over her. Though I do think Dionne should have gone home instead....I love Natasha though She just keeps getting better and better

dusk&summer said...

britney was annoying was hell, i agree

Elle said...

natasha deffinitly rocked it, so did renee, they were both my least favorites but now i am rooting for them

Crazy Eddie said...

Wow, that pic with Natasha almost resembles Angelina Jolie. She even has the whole "lip" thing going on...

Definitely model material she is...

(damn, I sound like Yoda)

Besos 4 ever