Friday, May 04, 2007

oooh, my stick, i just love my stick

So this morning Nicola dropped by on her way to the ferry to pick up her lovely Doors sweatshirt because she's going to see THE DOORS tonight. Well, the Riders on the Storm, featuring two original members of the Doors, the evercool Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger. If you can remember back to my Arlo Guthrie post (IF YOU CAN'T, PLEASE REVIEW - APRIL ARCHIVES), where we met Rick Schmidlin, Ray Manzarek's best friend. Rick is going to personally introduce Nicola to Ray tonight, so I felt very happy to be a part of what is clearly going to be the greatest day of her life. She also gave me a beautiful 1983 Rolling Stone featuring Prince! I've been hunting this one for years and she gave it to me for free. NICOLA DEFINITELY DESERVES TO MEET RAY!
Oh, and for fans of Nicola's blog, Nicola's Vintage Boutique, she's been working on an EPIC Biba post. Like really, she's been working on it for months. I'm not saying get your hopes up but....get your hopes up. I'm so excited for it.

Chanson du jour: "The Stick" bootleg I downloaded off Limewire. It's by the brilliant Prince side project the Time and on this particular live bootleg Prince is on it a bit too. It's hilarious and brilliant. Prince fans would definitely not be disappointed and even if you're not a Prince fan, I recommend you download it anyway. Find it on Limewire by searching "Stick" under Song and "Prince Morris Day Time" under Artist.
Then I went for Math tutoring. Uh, it didn't go so great because partway through I suddenly started thinking about CC Deville (I watched the Surreal Life where he got eliminated last night) and I got so into it, picturing where we'd have sex and stuff and I was a little, uh, distracted.
God, he's so sexy.
In that sense, I guess you could say it went excellently.
I really hate myself right now because I really love the song "Give It To Me" by Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado (my hometown girlie) and Justin Timberfake. Justin's verse disses Prince, like where the fuck does some cocky kid from *NSYNC whose famous for dancing like a Michael Jackson imitator and having really bland good looks that get eleven year old panties in a bunch get the nerve to diss one of the greatest artists who can play dozens of different instruments and dance circles around Justin Timberlake.
"You say Sexy never left,
Then why's everybody on my shi-i-it"
is a reference to when Prince said onstage last year "To whoever is saying he's bringing sexy back, sexy never left". Which is true!
Though I do appreciate Justin aptly referring to his music as "shit".
And I doubt he's able to do the splits in stilettos now, nevermind at age 48.


Emma said...

sexy DID never leave, i wish justin would leave.
okay, i want your friend nicola's life, and i am PSYCHED AS HAY-ELL (as dionne would say) for this mythical, mystical Biba post because Biba=all that is good and holy in this world. Besides the Doors. and double posts from you.

alluretone said...

no antm post?! i wish justin would leave too- he's not sexy at all anyways. btw, david bowie looks very attractive in your header.

dusk&summer said...

they elimante people on the surreal life? did they always do that? :S

the lipstick lady said...

why would justin ever even think for the tiniest little second that he could ever like, match up to prince? EVER?
god, you know what he looks like? a cross between k-fed and a seal. a very ugly seal. a bearded ugly seal. HE HAS A NECK BEARD
that says it all

alexgirl said...

Sexy didn't leave EVERYONE, sexy only left JUSTIN. And then he had to go around implying that he was bringing it back, when in reality, he was the only one that was missing it in the first place. But guess what JT: you didn't bring it back! You've continued to plummet into Loserdom!

You know, he insulted Prince at the Golden Globes too: when Prince wasn't there to accept his award, JT accepted it for him and scrunched way down and said "thanks!" because Prince is so short. JT is a loser. Who'd break up with Cameron Diaz? Seriously.

Emma said...

OK please don't think i'm a creepy molly stalker but i was over at WAT's blog because i wanted to leave a comment but then i remembered that i already DID and i read your comment and may i just say it was genius? it's so cool that you said that, i can't believe your cousin would say a thing like that. not trying to trash your family here (i don't want to break the "i can talk bad about my family but nobody else can" rule). but you had such a good retort, even if it was a bit harsh. god, be a LITTLE cooler, molly. SEE? you can't. can you?

Felice said...


-S said...

yay for furtado bringing in the canadian love. however, i think she is a giant sell otu and i would never ever buy one of her records.

maya said...

im so glad nicola is going to post again. i thought she'd gone away for ever. i was going to cry.
Prince was right sexy never left and can Justin please just go away. seriously, what is he doing? he makes me cry inside.
i went to this gig tonight and the more assured were playing. they through a tshirt into the crowd and it was a specially made more assured tshirt made with fabric pens. anyway one landed really near me and we all went and grabbed it and we were having a tug of war for it and i was just about to win it. then my friend's friend came over and went "Right, thaat's my friend's tshirt, she lost it and if you don;t drop it i'm going to punch you all" (you have to imagine that in an english accent or it doesnt work). We all let go and he looked at it for about a million years. then he goes, "oh, this isnt my friend's tshirt, I'll have it".and put it on!! I was going to cry, i'm not even kidding. but i knew he knew my friend so, i went up to him and said " are you theo's friend?" and he said yeah and I said "can i have your tshirt then?" and he said no. why would you say no. if someone came up to me in the street and said are you (fill in the blank)'s friend, can i have your tshirt i would obviously give it to them straight away.
sorry, i have no idea what the point of that story was but i'm pretty pissed off about it and i had to vent.
but, i got the guy from the more assured's autograph and a picture with Murkle man so that kind of made up for it halfly.
sorry for boring you

mareGa said...

Hahahhaha that Justin Timberlake is hilarious! Way to go Molly keep trashing him!

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

uh, if you are dating brit then cameron, then yeah I guess sexy did leave you. icky girls.

That prince cover is classic, it makes me miss old rolling stone of yesteryear. Why is everything old better?

MOLLY GRAY said...

wow!! amazing headerrrrr
and amazing post
+molly g.+

Crazy Eddie said...

I knew that Timbaland was referring to Scott Storch (that cheesy ass producer who did Paris Hilton's album) but I had no clue that Justin was attempting to insult Prince. He can't touch Prince. Prince leaves him in the dust choking on his glitter trail...

I too love the song (I workout to it all the time) and when it comes on in the car, I bang my head like someone who's fresh out of an asylum...


PS. That retro Prince Rolling Stones cover is lickable. I've never loved the dude until you've brought him back into my life...

WAT said...


Justin T. is getting tired. And something is terribly wrong with his nose!!! I keep saying this time and time again, but I can't get over his SCHNOZ!