Sunday, May 06, 2007

tell them a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call

I'm posting this under the assumption that most of my readers have read "Go Ask Alice", if you haven't, this entry will probably make little sense to you.

I read it a couple years ago and to be honest, I didn't really like it. To me it seemed really unrealistic, the way she wrote. She wrote in a very formal matter, using little slang for someone apparently so "turned on".
I watched the movie this weekend and I wasn't very impressed. Again, unrealistic and it started (and ended) with a weak cover of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit".
I was starting to suspect whether it had actually been written by some anonymous teen who had somehow had her identity very well kept secret (everyone now knows who the real "Sybil" was, but this chick's identity, despite being dead, was never revealed)
So I looked it up on Wikipedia (where would I be without Wikipedia?) and it turns out, it really wasn't written by a teenager! It was written by some middle-aged editor as a virtual public service announcement (which I found the movie felt like a two hour PSA). I feel very deceived, and I felt my readers should know too.
And not really very interesting in the first place.
Finding out its not true takes away the 'novelty', if you will, that kept me interested in the first place.
Want true-drug stories? Try sixtie's autobiographys...Grace Slick, Donovan, David Crosby, Phil Lesh, etc.
Not quite so dramatic but at least they weren't made up by some straight old lady in a warm office


Emma said...

AWESOME! FINALLY, SOMEBODY ELSE WHO DIDN'T LIKE THAT STUPID BOOK. It got all this praise and...mehh. You know what book is HILARIOUS and sounds like it would kind of be up your alley, although it's nothing like go ask alice but has a similar name? "alice i think", it's about this hilarious candian girl (not unlike you).
oh and of COURSE you got 4 votes, dude i'm sure you'll get many more.
ciao, roma.

F.M. said...

Did someone say Donovan? Love it!

maya said...

it was obvious it wasn't realistic as she wrote to normally when she was meant to be so out of it.
i agree about the 60's autobiographies.
also, im glad you liked my story, it took me bloody ages to write (km not a very fast typer) so i would have been pretty pissed if you hadn't. ok, not really, i'll leave now

the lipstick lady said...

waah?? i tried reading it but i was like... dude, this sucks. And it does. AND I SWEAR that it says on the book that it's real. Surely that's false advertising or something??

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

old people are so whack. Did they really think they could pass it off as non psa? I hated that book, it made me do drugs.

Isabel said...

I liked that book, but I can't see it making a good film. Who was Sybil???

jayne said...


emma always raves about your blog, so i thought i'd check it out! i read that book and thought it was ok, although a bit overdramatic, especially the end. and i cannot believe it was made up! that is horrible! god, that will only make kids do drugs, after they realize this is some PSA...i mean now that i think about it, it's almost obvious considering the writing and the fact she always remained anonymous. still, it's shocking!


Elle said...

wikipedia is bullshit to anyone can edit it, but anyways yeah the book sucked, and when was this movie made

Nicola's Vintage Boutique said...

Molly, Im suprised we haven't talked about this before...I have told many people it was fake, a lot of people still deny it

mary said...

oh man, that's so lame. i read that a couple years ago, before i myself had dabbled in drugs. but looking back, it totally wasn't believable; if she was legit she wouldnt use capitals, and she'd love tie-dye shirts.
orrr at least i do

alexgirl said...

AMEN for Wikipedia. I'd die without it. I didn't actually know who wrote GAA either, so thanks for the enlightening post. I wasn't a big fan of the book either.
ps-Sybil rocks.

Maddy said...

It was the most obvious bull. Real life DOES NOT have story arcs like that, it just doesn't.