Wednesday, May 16, 2007

spoilers alert! knew that

I realized at the beginning of the episode that I really had no clue who would win, and who would be in the final two. My family (yes, my entire family dad gets really into it) were all guessing but I really couldn't imagine...I would've been happy with any of them winning.
Natasha because she's my favorite.
Jaslene because she clearly wants it the most.
Renee because she had those awesome headscarves.

I must say I don't approve of the decision of cutting the finale from two hours to one. It felt rushed. I was thrilled to see Miss CariDee back but, boy, she sure had a PR job done on her. Where's that superwacky girl? At least she learned how to walk!
The runway show was pretty groovy, I liked the evolution theme, though it didn't really go anywhere beyond a creepy-crawly first walk. The clothes were kinda dull too. I knew if Jaslene was in the bottom two, she'd win because that girl can walk.
Wasn't that kind of funny how Renee whispered to Natasha "Win it for the mamas". It kind of demonstrated how two-faced she was. Last week she was saying Natasha should go home because she's "weird" and "annoying". Anyway, I'm glad Jaslene won. Even though Natasha was my favorite, I've wanted Jaslene to win all along because she clearly wanted it the most.
And now hopefully more girls from past sesasons will try again. Wouldn't that be fun?

A shot I love: Jas-queen teaching Jay-queen to be a cha-cha diva...not that he didn't know already.


stilettoheights said...

I almost barfed with "win it for the mammas"

how lame.

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

ahahhaha I posted the same pic and captioned it "dancing queens"

I was happy with Jaslene or Natasha, Nata was looking sort of rough in the end anyways. She need to go home and see her babies and re-perk herself up, then take the modeling world by storm.

Carolina Lange said...

I liked both of them, Jaslene and Natash! And I agrre it felt rushed!

Anonymous said...

i didnt like jaslene too much...i just LOVED natasha. i really wish she would have won but i agree with countrygirl...she needs to take the modeling world by storm.

Emma said...

molly. your antm posts are just...fwaaaaaw. i'm going to do one, but it won't be as good as yours.

Tru said...

I knew the final two would be jaslene and natasha but other than that I didn't really care who won anymore...this season was kind of lame

Anonymous said...

I love ur ANTM posts. I loved renee, but i knew Jaslene was going to win, they always seem to go for the under dog.

The Boob Lady said...

Loved the ep, saddened by the "mama's" thing, pissed that it was only an hour. Thank you for bringing that to light.

Crazy Eddie said...

Damn. I missed a few episodes. I know. It's a travesty. Sorry baby.

I don't know much about shoes, but I do know that they're banging. Nice.

Jaslene CAN walk a runway.