Saturday, June 16, 2007

first we got mr. jay, now we get miss jay!

First off, sorry this is so late! The Canada's Next Top Model website is actually the devil incarnate and it won't give you the weeks' pictures. You can view them, but they're unselectable. But this week, there was no photoshoot, it was a Covergirl commercial, so I had to wait for it to be uploaded to YouTube.
Ms. Jay came up to give the ladies a runway lesson...and you knew it was Canada's Next Top Model because it was on ice with hockey players.

And here's a bit of filming the commercial, the judging room and the commercial itself.

Not much commentary, I'm a bit busy. I'm writing my English exam on Wednesday and I'm only 3/4 done the course!


Anonymous said...

yay mrs jay! I do have pics of the latest episode I watched (the falcon) I will post more details. go Canada!

Emma said...

Thanks for the kind words daaahling! And nice Shakespeare blog, it appeals to an English nerd like myself.

Jennifer said...

thanks for the youtube clips good luck with your exam honey!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Cool :)

I've added you to my 2 blogs: The Stiletto Effect and also Susana Daily (


coco said...

good luck with english!

A. said...

You did incredibly well. I think you got every one right that you answered fully!!!!

You should give yourself a pat on the back.

-S said...

i am so excited that canadas next top model this season is soo much better. although, they have to have tons of sponsors always giving them stuff so they can afford to make the show good, but i guess i'm okay with that.

sarissa said...

hey, i tagged you

and also wanted to say OKAY i'm HARDLY canadian but wow, they seriously do ripi off ANTM majorly man!! i know we've talked about this before (i think) but jesus!! lol great post though! x

Tru said...

we don't get that show over here