Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Happy Olsen Twins Birthday Day! My lovelies Mary-Kate and Ashley are 21, finally able to buy alcohol legally.
And 'legally' is the operative word here.
Because for years now they've been doing the "We're not the Olsen Twins, we're Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen" (whiny voice: but that takes so much longer to type), I refused to post a picture of them together. Instead we see the Independant Olsens.
Sorry, the Independant Mary-Kate and the Independant Ashley.

I, actually, am really digging the headband. I believe it's Chanel. Well, there's really not much more to say, because I want you to see this next picture, which made me giggle like a maniac.I do not know why Ashley is holding a baby. My guess would be...her publicist thought it would be a cute photo op and just grabbed a random toddler out of a passing stroller and thrust it into an unsuspecting Ashley's arms. There she was, innocently shopping as she does everyday, and suddenly "Oh, hee hee, uh, well, what's this? What is this device? Animal, vegetable or mineral? Hee hee, uh, do I support the head? Good God, why is it wearing camo? Ewwwww, the camo is touching me, I'll have to burn this outfit! Good thing I buy everything in eights. Hee hee..."


A. said...

Where'd you get them secondhand?? The only place I can find them is ebay.

And old Jack kind of forgot about the little people of New Jersey when he moved to Hollywood, I'm sorry to say, ha.

Sunniva said...

Yaay, happy birthday Mary-Kate and Ashley (did you notice I wrote them separately, and not the olsen twins. V.important..haha ;p)

I love the hippe headband cute, rockchic and hippie at the same time!

And yeah..who is that kid?'s just so random :p

Anonymous said...

Ashley almost looks human in the pic with the baby. cute.

I forgot to tell you I got the s1 cntm dvds from a dude on the street, they are dvrs and obviously taped from the tv but surprisingly good quality.

AVA said...

Finally I see a non-posed-smiling-picture of Ashley (or is it indeed posed?).. Had fun reading/looking your blog! ava

Emma said...

JE TE WORSHIP. I love that you wrote in Ashley's voice.
Ashley- "Are you on Atkins? Because your thighs are MINUSCULE!"
Baby- "Goo goo ga ga"
Ashley- "Well said. Let's go get a protein shake."

Okay, that was not funny at all but my brain hurts. Ciao, Roma!

Jennifer said...

I remember when they had those creepy countdowns on the internet waiting for them to turn 18, gross.
I love mk's headband and ashley does look cute with the baby:P

stilettoheights said...

I am laughing at Ashley holding the baby...what is she doing running for office pr something, she doesn't have to be nice to babies, she's an Olsen Twin.

coco said...

they will always be the olsen twins even though i do veiw them sepparetly
i love ashley somedays and mk the next
i think they outshine all the other hollywood style icons

Carolina Lange said...

Great post! Who could imagine, she's holding a baby and she smiles!

WAT said...

The Olsen Twins just barely turned 21?!! MY GOD! SO YOUNG STILL! DAMN!

Anonymous said...

haha! loved the post! esp your independent pics. that photo of ashley is adorable!

Alison said...

I actually suprisingly am not hating that headband!
i'm actually kind of, liking it!!

LOL love Ashley's monologue, I could actually see her saying that( or a least thinking it :P)

the lipstick lady said...

hahah, i almost fell off my bed with laughter from your description of ashley's picture. it is a weird picture anyway. ooh i was about to say something of vague importance... oh well.

F.M. said...

i can't believe she was able to actually lift that baby! it probably weighs the same amount as her.

-S said...

yay on them being legal age, but by canadian age, they have been legal for 2 years already.

Crazy Eddie said...

LMAO. MK and Ash actually look older in these pics. Have they finally grown a bit? I think so.

I can see why you find these chicks fashionable in every sense of the word. They throw shit on and actually make it their own. I guess you can call that natural talent somewhat.

Molly baby, we need to go to a concert together and ravage the whole place. We can invite the Olsens if you care to.


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The Stiletto Effect said...

Cheers M-K and Ashley!!!

would you like to exchange links with me? I really like your blog


DDL said...

I like Ashley's outfit there, she generally looks less greasy than her counterpart.
I've been scratching my head at all that fur around MK.. Fur in LA? Huh?

Those two do have good taste in clothes, don't they?

S. said...

Wow, a true Olsen smile, not a camera-ready-tight-tight-little-smirk!

So much better than usual

Isabel said...

Aww, I missed celebrating their birthday. I bet they did it in style.