Monday, June 11, 2007

you do not outgrow sexy

It's my 250th post (I'm a quarter of the way to a thousand!) and thought I needed to celebrate. BUT HOW? Then I saw that People magazine is preparing for it's Hottest Bachelor issue. Their Hottest Bachelor is usually lame (last year it was Taylor Hicks, which I can sum up rather aptly with "EW!"), and usually is pretty unfamous five years later. I realized all my favorite sex symbols have managed to stay sexy for at least twenty years...sometimes fifty years!
You know what's coming, right? The semi-annual sexiest men alive list, as decided by me and my hormones.
Instead of Ten Sexiest, I choose my main crew of guys who make me jump when I see them appear on TV. It rounds out to six, and for your visual pleasure, you will see how they've grown in sexiness from their youth to in the past year.
IN ALPHABETICAL (by last names) ORDER!
-C.C. Deville
The only newcomer to My Sexy Lists. I admit, he's not really doing it for me in the hair-metal phase (toooooo muchhhhh blushhh)
I've already posted on how I simply for the life of me cannot understand just why I think he's so sexy. Whenever I see him on the Surreal Life, I just die. I adore his voice most of all.

-Bob Dylan

Genius and good looks...yessss.
Doesn't he just make your day everytime you see him?
-Mick Jagger
I've been practicing my English accent so if I ever run into him, I can go "Right then, Mick, luv, fancy a shag?"
I loove his wrinkles. If he ever got Botox, I think I would cry. He looks so dignified. And I love his hair! Now, then, always and forever.

If you're surprised...
....then you must be new to Ashcan Rantings.
-Jack Nicholson
Definitely my favorite actor ever. I will watch anything with him. Has he ever been in a bad movie?
No. Because even if the movie's bad, you don't notice because he just amuses you with his presence.
But, seriously, if you haven't seen it, rent The Departed now. And Easy Rider. And Chinatown. And Batman.

-Keith Richards
Oh, Keith. Ohhh, Keith. You snorted your father's ashes? Cool! You had all your blood removed and then replaced with heroin-free blood? Sexy!
You exist? Yesss, and it makes my world go round.


A. said...

very good point about the 60s, I had never thought of that.

And thank you, I love your blog as well.

And if you enjoy Arctic Monkeys, a profressional camera crew filmed their entire Coachella show, and it's all up on youtube. Just search "Arctic Monkeys coachella" and it'll come up. There's 15-ish parts to it.

It not, then never mind, carry on!

A. said...

Oh yes, my grandpa went to high school with Jack Nicolson. Apparently he loved my grandma's tuna casserole. No kidding!

yayyyy New Jersey!

Emma said...

I'm glad to be spreading the Sexy Men list fever around! I got a fever, and the only prescription is sexy men. And also, cowbell. Maybe a mixture of the two?
JACK NICHOLSON=love. Your taste in men=much more refined than mine! Chinatown=best movie ever. No doubt about it.

Jennifer said...

Prince has not changed
mick jagger still has that same appeal
I love jack's smile ;)

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

What is the age of the youngest man on this list? 76? Just Kidding, your choices in sexy men shows off your refined taste and maturity. I don't get CC, though, maybe you can replace him with Sebastian Bach, ha.

Fashionyou's Molly said...

Halleluyaahh for Bob Dylan.
Hes sooo fine its untrue. *sigh*
Love your blog.

coco said...

that forst pic of prince is so cool
i love it, never seen it before either

dusk&summer said...

I just went to an Artic Monkeys Concert it was excellent!! :) I posted about it on my blog Pink tutus. They rox live

Geez Molly!! Someone luvs older and sometimes OLDER OLDER men lol

Carolina Lange said...

Congrats on your 250th post! Fantastic way to celebrate, this is a great post!

Kim said...

I am so with you on the Prince love. He is my absolute favorite.

stilettoheights said...

hot hot hot!!!!

except cc, but that's it, the rest are wonderful!

WAT said...

Certainly a most interesting and unique list. Not at all my types o'men but I can see their appeal to some people.

jayne said...

wow, this list was typical you molly! loved it!

Crazy Eddie said...

So... my Molly likes the older men. What a list girly. I do have to admit that some do exude that certain kinda... um... dare I say... sexiness.

I can see why you have a confused crush on C.C. I recall seeing him on the Surreal Life and finding him oddly attractive. Weird shizz huh??


Model Citzen said...

congrats, keep it coming! the departed was amazing, but oh, and how can we forget one flew over the cuckoo's nest?!

Shelby said...


And I would have been SUCH the Stones fan girl, circa London 1964. Look at those LIPS. And then Keith Richards cameo was the only thing I paid any attention to in POTC 3