Friday, June 22, 2007

"okay, whose penis is THAT?"

For some reason, all the comments on my last post were really entertaining! Thanks!
This was probably the best episode of Canada's Next Top Model I'd ever seen.
The producers invited a team of hockey players to the house to party with the girls. They all got drunk and there were a few hookups, and they took pictures, which led to the classic phrase, uttered while looking back through all the photos, "Whose penis is that?"
The photoshoot assignment was to look glamorous and outshine a snazzy car, a snazzy helicoptor and a snazzy male model.
I really like Rebecca's picture, though that might just be because I'm pretty fiercely loyal to her. She hooked up with a hockey player even though she has a boyfriend, causing some drama.

Tara looked quite glam and neither of my girls went home.
Moe clearly rocked the photoshoot the fiercest.
I'll try to find some YouTube clips of the ladies partying, which they should definitely do on ANTM.


The Stiletto Effect said...

I like the last picture :) love the dress


Carolina Lange said...

Tara looks amazing in that shoot!

Emma said...

Moe is pretty. And as for me being the "popular girl who is still nice"...stop being so nice to me, Molly! You're going to make me become a...NICE PERSON. And nobody wants that. Really, though that was a very nice thing for you to say and it just made me happy (I'm a nerd). Even if some people are somehow interested in my random ramblings and leave me comments, my blog will still not be half as cool as yours. And I'm not saying that in a "fishing for compiments" way, your blog is one of my all-time FAVORITES and I happen to know I'm not the only one who thinks so, practically every blog I've ever visited has you linked.
Groove on, groovester. Arrr, me loves the CNTM, matey!

Emma said...

P.S. that last bit was me being a pirate.

coco said...

hmmm i cant imagine any of them in vogue but they werent too bad
i think the last picture was the most original

alexgirl said...

hahaha! that is so funny. I love the penis line. I wish i'd seen that.
Cute pics. Too bad I don't have crazy cable that picks up CNTM!!

Anonymous said...

ooooh this eppy sounds classic. I badly want to twatch, maybe I will bea ble to score it after I finish the season 1, or there is always youtube, I suppose. You can not go wrong when there is a hot car, helicopter, and hunkalicious male model, oh and penis. All make for some great photos.