Thursday, September 27, 2007

"im, like, not trying to be mean, but this is just, like, what i think"

You know the sort of actress who doesn't really seem to act so much as appear in public and magazines and ads.
That's what this episode reminded me of. The photoshoot wasn't high fashion at all. It was a public service announcement. Which is fine, if this was America's Next Top Role Model, but it's not.
I felt almost patronized by Tyra. "When young girls watch this show and see you, their role models, smoking, what does that make them think? 'Hmm, smoking must be cool'"

Actually, Tyra, I happen to have...a mind. Whether I smoke or not is a decision I can make for myself. Though sadly, I know there are girls who would smoke because they saw a role model doing it, but you can't force someone to be a role model. I think it will be pretty clear which of the girls smoke because now we'll have to hear them bitch about quitting.
Oh, I see now! This isn't about's because ANTM needs a whole new brand of in-house drama.
"Hey, Ken Mok, imagine how much they'd fight if they were deprived of the nicotine that their body is addicted to!"
"You're right, Tyra...smoking ban!"
Notice how they still have alcohol in the that doesn't damage your body and is addictive as well.
Okay, time to stop sipping on the Haterade (bahahhaha sooo lame), and show some love for Kimberly and Saleisha.
Kimberly looks so sexy in this picture, and it ain't the cigarette. Her body position is kinda quirky which I dig.
Okay, I'm sorry, and I know I'm going against pretty much all Top Model fans, but I can't stand Heather. She's quite irritating, I don't think she's gorgeous and I don't think people with autism are really made for the fashion industry. So I was bummed that Saleisha and her gorgeous face had to share the shoot with Heather. Still, Saleisha looks goood.


stilettoheights said...

I was wondering if you were going to write about the Mary Kate pictures in the new issue of Bazaar, they are beautiful!

Belle said...

It is so true about the smoking thing. Anyway they will probably smoke when the cameras are off. lol.
As for the outfit, I dont know how much it would cost but I can find out for you.

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

you suck, ok not really - you are f'n hot. but heather is oh so hot and so is saliesha is too. I feel the kim love a bit as well. I am DYING for hamster makeover day so we can see what they can really look like.

Carolina Lange said...

I agree about the smoking!

coco said...

that is a cool idea but i bet loads of those models smoke anyway

Alanna said...

yes, it's really alanna back from the blogging underworld, checking in on your blog because it's the only place for good ANTM comments (cycle 8 has only JUST started in England, I feel so deprived, seeing as I've already seen it all, so I'm back to watching it on youtube), anyway, I totally agree about the alcohol, just because smoking has more press coverage does not mean alcohol isn't harmful to you.
BUT, I reeeally love heather, and I think saying autistic people aren't meant for fashion is a bit harsh, non? it only is an issue because we KNOW that she has aspergers, for all we know, sasha pivovarova could be epileptic, right? anyway, just my little rant.
reading your blog makes me want to come back... but alas, work conquers all

-S said...

LOVE the new header! MK!
and antm, heather heather heather. i agree completely, congrats for showing you can have a good life with autism, but you really shouldn't be going into an industry where everything you do id put under a microscope.
but i still have no favorite yet!
and the no smoking? yay!
and makeover this week! wooohooo. lets see what these bitches look like spiffied up!

missc said...

But then again, who would watch America's Next Top Role Model? Especially if Tyra hosts it.. anyhow, Heather is sexy sexy hot hot, LOVe her!

alexgirl said...

hah! I love your ANTM tirades. Awesome.
But i have to disagree about Heather. I think she's awesome. She and Saliesha are my favorites, so I was happy to see 'em together.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with Heather being on the show? somebody else said "but you really shouldn't be going into an industry where everything you do is put under a microscope." Heather hasn't had any problem being under the microscope shes had a problem with girls being bi-tchy. Aspergers hasn't interferred with her output so why is everyone on her case? Its a personal decision that has nothing to do with her being autistic. She had one of the better photos. My sister has aspergers and if someone said something like that about her I would let them have it. Heather is awesome, she appears to be one of the few people who ISN'T bothered by her Aspergers.

Dilemma said...

The ban on smoking actually made me angry. Don't people gain weight when they have to smoke? And isn't this a modelling competition where the judges always harp on the ones that gain weight? If I hear Tyra say one thing about someone gaining weight, I will rip out her weave.

Maddy said...

Please don't make generalizations about people with Aspergers. They are as mentally capable as anybody else; it is only socially that they have problems. That you would have them shut away from an entire industry because of a disability that could hardly impede upon their performance really agitates me... I don't like to be reminded of how poorly people continue to regard those with mental disabilities even in this modern day.
Otherwise, I agree with everything you said in this post- nobody does ANTM coverage better!

Shaz said...

i think its a great concept, but the outfits werent too outstanding and the picture with heather and saliesha looks great!