Monday, September 24, 2007


There were many new discoveries in France but one of the most interesting was the discovery that Europe has its very own music scene, unrecognize in North America, and, my God, it's awful. (Other than Britain, of course)
The most startling discoveries was that France seems to have been blessed (cough, cough) with their very own Kevin Federline. Imagine! No, really, imagine a world where each country has a K-Fed to mock and hate and roll their eyes about. But, no, this French K-Fed is not treated with the same lack of respect that the American K-Fed is. His music is well received!
Who is this masked man, you ask? Well, you just might already know him! (I just blew your mind, did I not?) For this man is also married to a famous American woman, and he is also talented in one field other than rapping (K-Fed was a dancer, let's not forget)

To you, he's that lucky basketball player who got set for life (or until divorce anyway) by marrying Eva Longoria.
But to the French, he out-famouses Eva Longoria (she's that lucky bitch who landed the country's hero). To the French he is....Tony Parker, baller extraordinaire and rap superstar.

Is he a good rapper?
Well, let's just comparison to K-Fed is not as cruel as you might think. (Okay, it is a bit mean, because he was famous [in France] before Eva Longoria) The creepy part, though, is that the video for his hit "Balance-Toi" (Oh, that's another thing I maybe didn't mention. He raps in French. There is actually an enormous French rap scene. Call me jaded, but death threats and tales of the ghetto just aren't so scary in the langue d'amour) is so eerily similar to K-Fed's "Lose Control". Judge for yourself.


Bojana said...

Hahahhaa I love Balance Toi. Seriously. it's SO FUNNY. Even though it's not meant to be. I don't know if you can understand french, but if you can, check the lyrics , they're hilarious.

But seriously, french r&b is much WORSE than that. Tony P is okay.

You should check Matt Pokora (or M pokora as he liked to call himself), nicknamed "the french justin". Uhhh, sorry, Justin is a genius compared to him.

French music scene is great....for rock, electro and stuff, but for hip hop they're just attempting to sound/look American...which is obviously not too good.

Bojana said...

Oh you got me so excited, I'll have to make you discover tons of very interesting stuff about french rap.

French Media are making fun of Tony Parker for rapping....I mean look at his life what does he have to be angry about? Okay so I can't find the video now but you should check this out : he's a humourist and now started making parodies of music, especially rap. But it's so good! I love the videos, they're very funny.

Bojana said...

OKay, now onto the good things.
Check this out: This is the guy who won French Idol. Isn't he awesome??
The original song :
His version :
^that one was my favorite. Amazing.

maya said...

i know, seriously what the hell is wrong with me? zak effron is so not the kind of guy i usually crush on.
cycle 8 of ANTM has just started here and i agree with you, i lurve Jael.

Belle said...

lmao.. thats soo funny!! ahh ha ha!!

coco said...

i saw his rap video and i found it funny
i dont think that is the effect he aimed for

MOLLY GRAY said...

hahaahhahaahahahaha.. oh my god!.. with money you can do anything...

-S said...

WHAT? that is soo funny. who would have guessed? hahaha

Bojana said...

Oh, and because you should know this : Tony Parker's Balance Toi was number one on charts for.....a long time.

maya said...

i would just like to let you know that because of you (and the mighty boosh...) i have started listening to parliament ALOT.

WAT said...

Oh Gawd! Yes, the Brits truly do sound like the only Europeans with a supreme visionary music scene. All this other stuff sounds laughable! No wonder David Hasselhoff is such a pop star in Germany! I suppose certain Americans find superstar hope in Europe which they'd never find in the U.S.

alexgirl said...

This post was Brilliant!!!
I had no idea Tony Parker was the shizzz over there. Too funny. And you're so damn witty.
Hey, i didn't realize we hadn't traded links? Can we, puh-lease?!

maya said...

i love pfunk (i think thats what its called) and a few others but im not too good on names.

Anonymous said...

haha omg! wow that is hilarious!

btw, love the new header!

Anonymous said...

wow i never knew this! oh well at least he's giving it a shot what else will he have to back him up when basketball goes down the drain?