Wednesday, September 19, 2007

mmm, that time of year!

Watching the girls getting jetted off to the Caribbean, I realized how far this show has come. Remember the first season (sorry, cycle)? The cramped casting room in New York...and now eight cycles later, they're in an auditorium on a cruise ship, sailing around Peurto Rico. And you know the girls from the first cycle are going, "If only I'd waited a couple years..."

I'm thinking its a pretty great crop this cycle. I really like Janet, Bianca and Chantel but I'd say my favorites are:

She has an incredibly gorgeous face and a sweet personality.

She was wearing the most beautiful shade of blue which made her eyes look sinfully great, and she has a sort of laid-back sex appeal. I adore her.

So...your favorites?
Let me hear allll your feedback!


coco said...

i like the second girls hair, but to be honest i dont think either make very exciting models
but what are they wearing?
get some dior on them or something!

Anonymous said...

ooh we have some of the same favorites this year, luv. tyrant gets fucking crazier each year, what was that number??? and dontcha you totally think she made those hamsters pay for their trip "you have been selected as a final 30 contestant but if you want to participate you must pay for and book your own cruise vacation or we will select some other non-brokeass bitch." you so know thecw has no budget thats why tyrass has to sing the antm theme song....wanna be on top.....SO WHAT?

ps so happy you are back, yeah

Teresa said...

I haven't commented you for ages, but yeah Tyra has gotten nuttier and nuttier each season. But I like Chantel! She reminds me of old Sienna Miller, or maybe it's just the hair, but still she's pretty.

MOLLY GRAY said...

i liked the first one.. she really has the attitude..

Belle said...

I am so upset that I missed it! I was away. Hopefully it will be on again so that I can watch it. Lmao so true about the first cycle, I think I would have been kicking myself for not waiting.

From Lily With Love said...

Can't wait to see it! Haven't been able to yet.

-S said...

yay you are baaaaaaack!!!
as for antm, it's t early to have a favourite, but i'm a little bored with this season sort of.

alexgirl said...

Saleisha is definitely a fave.
I like Heather too, though. She seems like she's going to definitely crack under pressure at some point!!!
Adn I'm glad you liked Spontaneouse too. I wish she'd lasted longer so we could say her name more, haha!

maya said...

the season where jasleen win hasn't even started over here yet.
you guys are so lucky!