Tuesday, September 18, 2007

mmm, home sweet home

Yes I'm back, after far too long away. First thing I must tell you about, of course, is THE CONCERT.
And I don't want to hear any "which concert?"s. You should know the one I'm talking about.

It was...just the most perfect thing ever. I actually managed to find a picture from the show (cameras were strictly forbidden) on the excellent fan site http://www.prince.org/ Doesn't he look sexy? This was after he changed, he started out the show in a white shirt. During the encore he wore a fedora. Siiigh. Our seats were...pretty bad I must say, quite far from the stage, though because it was so steep, we didn't have to stand to see over the people in front of us. The set list was:

Take Me With U
Play That Funky Music
U Got The Look
Come Together
Piano medley: Little Red Corvette/Diamonds and Pearls/The Beautiful Ones/Raspberry Beret
Synth medley: Soft And Wet/Sign O The Times/Pop Life/She's Always in My Hair/Alphabet Street/When Doves Cry/Erotic City
I Wanna Be Your Lover
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Black Sweat
Purple Rain
Let’s go Crazy
I Feel 4 U

So clearly very hits heavy. (And for the record, he didn't actually do full versions of any of the songs in the medleys...for many he didn't do more than a couple bars) He only played a couple songs that I really love, but I wasn't disappointed at all. It was my first (hopefully of many!) Prince concert, so it's fairly appropriate that it was more of a greatest hits set. The opening act was Mya, who was actually quite good. She did a version of "Lady Marmalade" with her backup singers that blew me away.
If you have any questions about the show, definitely ask. I'm not really sure how much information to put here! Also, the concert gods are REALLY blessing me this year...I scored tickets to see the Arctic Monkeys on September 30th! I'll definitely tell you all about that.
Anyways, I'm back! I've got tons of post ideas, so look forward to that...


From Lily With Love said...

I'm sad to say the first think I thought when you said the concert was, What concert?

maya said...

arctic monkeys tickets are in desparate demand over here as they are SO HUGE so you would definately be the envy of alot of people i know.
the concert sounds great.
how did you enjoy london? did you get much time here?
i'm so glad you're back

Anonymous said...

YOU'RE BACK! yay! i missed reading your blog :)

glad you loved prince, i'm personally not a fan, but i heard he is awesome live- maybe sometime i'll invite you to MN where you and i can catch one of his mant shows

and i'm totally jealous you have arctic monkeys tickets, i've heard they're great live too, they really thrive off of the audience i guess

its funny you're the only one who actually agreed with the cory edie comparious i posted on, but do you think cory will be famous much longer?

oh and random, but have you read "on the road" by kerouac, although i hated it, it seemed like something you'd love considering you love beat stuff

maya said...

do you have facebook?

WAT said...


I actually thought of you Miss Thang one night at the club not too many weeks ago when the DJ played an awesome Prince Medley: Erotic City/Controversy/Kiss. It was terrific and I could not stop dancing! YEEHA!

I said to myself, "If only Molly was here." And he played a lot of other stuff too, but always kept coming back to Mr. Rogers Nelson.

Francisca said...

I was on arctic monkeys concert here in Lisbon. GOD they are talented. I have an obsession with Alex turner. He is my music genius. Any way... I've missed your posts! Welcome Back!

Francisca said...

Oh! And I changed my URL...its not Genuine inspiration any more. So the URL is www.onesomething.blogspot.com

alexgirl said...

Yay! welcome back, and I am SO glad to hear about the long-awaited Prince show!!! And I can't wait to hear about Arctic Monkeys. I almost got tickets, but then forgot. Damn!!! But I'm going to Arcade Fire, and Rilo Kiley, which i'm excited about.

Miss Zoe said...

ohhhh molly. there are so many of my favourites in that list. Great picture. Meanwhile I HATE those back-up girls he has cos they are from australia and it SHOULD. BE. ME. Grrr.

S. said...

Oh, congratulations! Seeing Prince is one thing that makes life complete. His awesomeness live is unparalleled.