Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007: best year ever?

The thing I love most about the end of the year is how all the blogs/TV shows/magazines do the recap of the year. So much fun! Especially because, for me, 2007 is one for the record books, definitely the best year of my life.

Some highlights? Here's my Top 5 moments of 2007:
1. Life goal fulfilled: Saw Prince in concert!
In London, no less. Check out the full story here:

2. Life goal fulfilled: Met Arlo Guthrie!
Ahh. Probably not my most flattering picture, but life-changing none the less. Relive the greatness here:
3. Saw the Arctic Monkeys for the first (of many, I'm sure) times
In case you were desperately curious of what they were wearing when I saw them, above is a picture from that night (though not one I took). A link from the performance:
Seriously, any Arctic Monkeys fans must watch this. Someone shines a laser pen on Alex and he goes "Someone's got a laser pen, someone's got a laser pen....didn't know you could still get those." For some reason, it's just fantastic. They're performing their new B-side "Nettles" and "The View from the Afternoon". As a bonus, the person who filmed this was standing right behind me, so you can see exactly the view that I had.
In case you missed it:
4. Went to London
...among other places, but London was the best. I definitely want to live there eventually.

5. Discovered The Funk
This was the year when I finally discovered the band Parliament-Funkadelic and, I must tell you, it did change my life. It has brought me untold joy and it really is almost a religion to me. To review one of the many times I've fallen all over myself worshipping the P-Funk, visit
Hope your 2007 was equally exciting and here's to an even better 2008.


S said...

you met arlo guthrie? I'm so fucking jealous

Heather said...

Sounds like a great year!

SICK. said...

heaven in '07 !
revvin' in '07 !

okay nevermind.
i'm trying to make a cool or at least funny rhyme about 2007, but i'm failing miserably.

sort of like great in '08 ?

okay i'm done.


ashley said...

ahhhhh lucky! i have never seen arctic monkeys in concert but i'm dying to!

i'm also dying to go to london!

glad you had an awesome year :)
happy new yr!

Tinsley said...

ARCTIC MONKEYS! omg... extremely jealous of you right now :)

I really love your blog - long time reader but first time erm commente-er? lol

anyways I'd really love for you to join this forum that a bunch of us bloggers are in :)

Sister Libby said...

Ha. I liked the Arctic Monkey's video. Esp. the laser part. I find things like that amusing. And really, it made me think about lasers. I haven't seen one in like, 3 years. Anyway, I am glad you had the best year ever.

Anonymous said...

You went to London?!? So jealous.

And I think it's impossible to make a rap with the "-even" ending...I, um, looked it up actually.

Francisca said...

Well this as nothing to do with your post, or at least not directly, but I must say that I really like Alex's Tuner Girlfriend. Seriously I think both of us could giver better ones, but since I can't go to UK all the time and he doesn't know me yet...well it is normal. In your case, if you are going to be Miss Britney XXS Junior Nannie, well better chance for you. But lets admit, the girl has style and he has good taste. :P

Happy 2008 full of your amazing posts!

the iron chic said...

Oh yeah, Prince has those twins hanging around him now. Where does he find these people? In a Prince-sidekick factory?

Lauren said...

Wow, sounds like you had quite a nice year. I'm so jealous you got to see the Artic Monkeys live.

Bianca said...

Hey lets link.

Ana said...

cute review
i love London.

Anonymous said...

happy new year! How are you going to out do 07??? you had such fantastic experiences.

Belle said...

wow you had a pretty amazing 2007. Happy New Year.

coco said...

wow quite a year
i am giveing you a thinking blogger award
check out my latest post to see

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, you have accomplished so much this year music/concert-wise...

have to admit I'm a tad jealous

WAT said...

Great post in oh so many ways.

Discovered the Funk! LOLOLOL! YES YES YES!

And the purple genius in the greatest city on Earth?


Elle said...

Anyone who is down with the P-Funk gets a A+ in my book...