Monday, January 07, 2008

facebook groups are rad

Jen at Mahalo Fashion had the fantastic idea of organizing a blogging awards sort of thing! It's loads of fun, and I'm not telling you who I voted for (I e-mailed my vote in yesterday) but some people on my sidebar definitely got props from me! More information at:

One of my favorite things about is the groups. As of now, I have joined 177 groups, and I'm very specific about how good the names are (I even joined a group called "No, I will not join your Facebook group unless it has a catchy name") So lo and behold, in no real order, my ten favorite Facebook groups:
I want to be Peter Pan when I grow up...wait, shit!
I'm a hardcore Peter Pan fan, and so I went on the prowl for a group that could express my love. This one's title made me laugh out loud, and I couldn't resist joining!

Fuck high school, I wanna be a three-toed sloth
I feel a certain kinship with the three-toed sloth, and I feel convinced that if I was at Hogwarts (shut up, you know you think about it too), my Patronus would be one.
I Fucking Hate When Girls Do That Stupid Lip Thing and Peace Sign in Pics
Okay, we've all been guilty of this one, but I've made a solemn oath never to do it again, except in a very humorous incident of satire.

Your life will NEVER be as hard as Tyra Banks'!
I have to give props to Danielle from Dilemma Knows Fashion (and my own Facebook buddy) for this one. When I saw she joined, I was curious, and as soon as I read the description, knew this was the kind of ANTM Facebook group for me! I love the person that commented: Every time I'm feeling down and out I always stop and say to myself, "Hey things could be worse, you could be in Tyra Bank's shoes right now." That usually pulls me out of what ever slump I'm in.
Michael Jackson: so what he's crazy? u kno he STILL da bomb yo!
I'm a recovering Michael Jackson addict, and so I knew I had to join an MJ group. The problem was, I needed on that could properly express my feelings for him. Most were either terribly hateful or overly praising....until I found this one. It really sums it all up for me...and the "hookd on foniks" title was the icing on the cake.
Citizens against the Simpson War Machine's Assault on Music
Who isn't, really?

Alex turner,brain of a surgeon lyrics of a god
Like the Michael Jackson one, this one's appeal lies in its semi-nonsensical title. I keep hoping that its actually "lyrics of a surgeon, brain of a god"....wouldn't that be more fun?

I'd fuck Mick Jagger and Keith Richards at the same time
Again, who wouldn't, really?

Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love
Um, yeah, I'd throw "Archie comics" in there too. Though maybe you have to be a stunningly beautiful princess for the "Disney effect" to work.
I'm not sure if the double-t on "hotts" is intentional, designed to add a certain flair, but who can argue that David Bowie is an extremely sexy alien?


Katelin said...

Haha, those group names are hilarious. I love the picture with the Disney princesses, classic.

Allure said...

My favourite: Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about love. Hilarious, and very true LOL

Francisca said...

Brilliant! Well, obviously you know the one that I join in...xD Can I add you to my facebook ?

Belle said...

I love facebook groups. My favorite is: Arn't We Hooked On Phonics!!!!! There is just something about it, I mean its about Jess from gilmore girls and Aren't is spelt wrong its amazing and ironic. My second would be: "I just got back from my ballet recital!" "Oh, I thought you were a whore."

Charming Heart said...

My favorite facebook groups are the ones that are made for inside jokes from friends, that you find really hilarious, but no one else gets it.

Anonymous said...

Haha this post amused me. I especially liked the Peter Pan and ANTM ones.

Nicola's Vintage Boutique said...

I think the group that speaks to me most is "Disney's Robin Hood...Yea he's a fox but he's hot!"
...kind of similar to your Peter Pan one

Ive never joined it because I don't join groups like that for some reason, but I admire it from afar. The other members also know its the voice!

Jill said...

That ANTM group just about made my day.

Stephanie said...

hi! the disney desperate housewives comic was so perfect. incidentally, i have an episode of DH to catch up on now!

Anonymous said...

haha love love love it, the stones, arctic (which im totallu joined asap), and disney comic strip are hilarious

my favs:
"neville longbotton is a BAMF" (theres some great jokes on there)

"i find it ironic that facebook has Amish as a choice for religion"

"for the love of marc jacobs"
"dr. mcdreamy can operate one me any day..."

"i am going to marry a very rich, very sexy, british man"

Heather said...

haha, awesome! My friends and I all make groups making fun of each other. My favorite is "Drowning Pool--yes, the lead singer died eating a sandwich."

Mash said...

ahah those groupes names are really funny , my favourite one is "I Fucking Hate When Girls Do That Stupid Lip Thing and Peace Sign in Pics" lol :)

Carolina Lange said...

Really funny!
Happy New Year!

coco said...

hahahaha I hate those peace sign things too
but it is also annoying when guys do that too!

Bianca said...

Well I don't have a facebook. I have never been interested in it.

maya said...

I love you and your blog was the first blog I ever fell in love with. Can i be in your side bar now? (it's all true though, I do love you, in a kind of non-stalkery worshippy way)

Blaze said...

These groups are amazing! I might have to join one myself! :) Way to stick to the catchy names... That's totally important!

WendyB said...


The Clothes Horse said...

I avoid facebook groups, I spend too much time online already! But those groups are rather rad.

Elle said...

I have totally taken a picture with the poked out lips and a peace sign! hilarious!

LBIC said...

haha, i don't know which is my fave: Your life will NEVER be as hard as Tyra Banks'! or Citizens against the Simpson War Machine's Assault on Music

Kat said...

Oh my these were funny! and most are pretty true, especially "I Fucking Hate When Girls Do That Stupid Lip Thing and Peace Sign in Pics" and the antm one is hilarious!!!

Mash said...

thanks for your sweet comment and noooo your french is perfect :) if only my english could be like it :(

Dilemma said...

LMAO I about died when I found that Ty Ty group, really. OH and I actually joined that I Hate WHen Girls Do That Stupid Lip Thing and Peace Sign in Pictures group when I saw you were in it! This reminds me that I haven't been on facebook in about a month.