Thursday, June 05, 2008

im gonna sing a song for you and this is gonna show you a thing or two

My life is a continuous quest for perfect know, the ones that make you grateful for everything that has ever happened to you because they inevitably led up to that one place in time and space.

I have found what I would pretty much qualify as a perfect moment. It has a number of elements to it, so pay close attention. You all surely know sporadic blogger, vintage queen and my dear pal Nicola. One of the many things you don't know about her is that she has one of the most comfortable beds in the world.

Here is a photograph of Nicola's friend Jacqueline enjoying Nicola's bed, as all who have been exposed to it have. There is nothing wrong with Jacqueline's face (she's actually quite pretty) but I didn't want her to experience any nasty, oh-hey-I-saw-you-on-the-Internet moments, especially as I've only briefly met her a couple times.
Anyway, now you've met Nicola's bed and all of Jacqueline except her face, her forearm in particular.
The next element is the best television channel ever. Unfortunately for you foreigners, it's Canadian, but you'll probably have something similar. Here, it is the magical land of joy, tears (of joy) and laughter (of joy) that we call TELETOON RETRO.
My personal favourite is Fat Albert. I usually watch it with a huge grin on my face because everything about it is so pleasing and perfect. I have a huge crush on Rudy (the guy in the orange hat) but each character holds a special place in my heart. Did I mention I've only seen this show twice, and both times in fragments? No matter...I see a real future for us. This is the kind of love that goes places.
I always watch Fat Albert with the sound on, which to you might seem like a no-brainer, but you'll understand in a minute why that begs to be pointed out.
Some of the other great shows we watch are Rocky and Bullwinkle, the Pink Panther, Superfriends, Scooby-Doo, but perhaps most mindnumbingly genius is Rocket Robin Hood.
Yes, you read correctly...Rocket Robin Hood - as in, Robin Hood in space.
I'll give you a minute to appreciate the greatness of that thought.
You need another minute? Yeah, that's what I thought.

I don't know whose exquisite mind dreamed up this concept, but I'm sure there is no one who would be opposed to honouring this...this... superhuman with something meaningful. I'm thinking control of mankind. I mean, we've had some great inventions (cars, brain surgery, peacock feather earrings) but even Thomas Edison would throw up his hands and say "Robin Hood in fucking space??? My life's work no longer has meaning!"
Now here's what you do, marijuana optional, you get into Nicola's bed (okay, not Nicola's bed, cuz she wouldn't be cool with that), you put on Teletoon Retro, if it's Fat Albert, watch and prepare yourself for a new life direction revolving around Fat Albert, if it's anything else, mute it and put on some Black Mountain.
Black Mountain is an amazing band that I discovered through, who else, Nicola. I find their sound perfect for overdubbing TELETOON Retro but these bands work equally well: pre-Nicks/Buckingham (I cannot stress that enough) Fleetwood Mac, the bluesier Led Zeppelin ("Since I've Been Loving You" yesss), Savoy Brown, Jefferson Airplane, Cream, The Doors ("Who Scared You" yesss), Sly & the Family Stones (There's a Riot Going On album), basically anything a little bluesy and psychedelic that makes you feel soo gooood. At the most majestic nanoseconds, it seems like the music was made for the TV show and vice-versa.

Please do try this at home, and if you do, report back!

I won't take any credit for the perfection of this moment. It was all Nicola. Show her your appreciation by buying her vintage clothing.


LBIC said...

I (don't think) have teletoon retro. Sucks for me because it sounds highly enjoyable, especially Rocket Robin Hood. I especially love the fact that they're still wearing tights.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

Thanks for adding me! You've been added as well :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, oh molly my favorite parts of this post:

"Thomas Edison would throw up his hands and say "Robin Hood in fucking space??? My life's work no longer has meaning!"

and "marajuana optional" ;) hehe

Siljesfashion said...

Love Nicolas shop, great things. Funny post!

Sister Libby said...

Fuck yes! You know how to have a good time. So good in fact, that i had to start my comment with a foul expletive. Marijuana optional...hahaha. Sometimes, I play DDR with other music...but maybe Friday my friends and I will go crazy and watch something with The Doors & Led Zep & Fleetwood Mac. Peter Pan, perhaps?

jess said...

i dont have teletoon as a live in the us but i have this channel where they show kenann and kel reruns. It makes my day complete. Robin hood in space sounds interesting i might need to youtube that

ellie said...

Black Mountain, I gotta check them out.

Thanks for the note. Thanks for knowing too.

Aretha said...

Led Zeppelin song is the best, I love their blues era

Cate said...

wow, this teletoon retro canal sounds really great - pink panther! robin hood in SPACE! you know, you have only seen the show twice and love it - I have NEVER seen it and love it! and... i always watch tv with the sound on! sometimes with headphones, and then i'm laughing frantically abotu something and my family members look at me as if i'm mad.

i will search youtube for robin hood in space.

and by the way, you're one of the funniest persons i've ever met. as in, met, as we've never actually met.

The Clothes Horse said...

This post is CRAZY. So nice though. I think I am on the same page as you towards my hair--furiously curious!

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Danz said...

I have never watched an episode of Fat Albert, but I have been hearing about it for a very long time! The only thing I know is the catchphrase "Hey, hey, hey!" Sad, I know.