Friday, June 06, 2008

she's got class and style, street knowledge by the pound

I think everywhere you go in life, at times you meet people who are so great that for years after you feel randomly compelled to yell out their name in public places...or maybe even chant it.

I recently had the fortune to meet such a human being. Her name, perfect in length and structure for chanting, is Kayla Hyne.
Kayla is a rare soul. Exceptionally gifted in the department of amusing facial expressions, Kayla can perhaps best be described using words from the most classic of songs:
Shorty in down, good Lord
Baby got em up open all over town
Strictly biz, she don't play around
Cover much grounds, got game by the pound
Getting paid is a forte
Each and every day, true player ways
I can't get her out of my mind
I think about the girl all the time
East side to the west side
Pushing phat rides, it's no surprise
She got tricks in the stash
Stacking up the cash
Fast when it comes to the gas
By no means average
It's on when she's got to have it
Baby, you're a perfect ten, I wanna get in
Can I get down, so I can get in

Yes, as you can see by my pulling out the "No Diggity" lyrics, Kayla is special. She's also been on a valiant mission: to start a Kayla Hyne chant. You know, a large group of people chanting her name. Finally, Nicola and I got one going at a party last weekend...

I managed to videotape it (watch it here), and it was a good thing I did because Kayla wasn't even at the party. Study this video, children, for you have a mission set out before you.
Seriously, this would be the best thing ever.
Next time you're with your pals, hanging out, maybe a little bored, maybe a little less-than-sober, get a Kayla Hyne chant going. There's nothing to it.
Try it a little bit out loud right now, don't feel silly...
"Kay-la Hyne, Kay-la Hyne, Kay-la Hyne"
Good, you've got the hang of it. Now, next party you're at, or even if it's just with a couple friends or even by yourself. Get the Kayla Hyne chant going, film it, or even an audio recording. Then, once you've sobered up, upload it to Youtube and send me the link.
"But what's in it for me?" You whine.
Lots! First of all, it would make Kayla Hyne weep with joy. Second of all, you would have my respect and also your friends will think you're a well-connected, spontaneous and exciting person. But I know you silly little want something tangible that you can show your grandkids.
Therefore, anyone who sends me a link of a video of the Kayla Hyne Chant will get an entire post on this blog dedicated to them. Yeah, no lie, I'll write a post all about you and how amazing you are.
Do it.
Do it.
Do it.


Sister Libby said...

That is way easy! Esp if we are "a little less than sober"....haha. Sooo...I will do your bidding. As soon as possible. And you're one of my favorite bloggers as well...shhh. Wait? Were you just buttering me up so I would do your chant? worked.

Fashion Ivy said...

Hey Molly. Are you interested in fashion design? If so chack out my blog for details on a great contest coming up

ellie said...

This makes me think of something from PeeWee Herman's show and the genie guy.

Thanks for reading. Yeah, Eric is really growing on me, spite of him in "control".

The Clothes Horse said...

My dress is that color; here's a link to the dress in a color pic (not my favorite):

coco said...

I have to have those sunglasses she is wearing!!!! NOW!

jayne said...

haha oh molly, i love you. that girl does have amazing facial expressions!

Sister Libby said...

Oh Molly! I have a suprise for you! Click here!!!, I can't figure out how to hyperlink in a comment, so here's the URL.

And my friends didn't want to be on Youtube chanting about a girl they didn't know, so I left the lenscap on.

Cate said...

wow, is kayla hyne a friend of yours? sorry if she is someone i should have heard of. your video is so cool!!!! i was at a party yesterday/today, i should have started a kayla hyne chant ;( but i hadn't read this post yet ;(

sophia said...

hehe i've already done something like that...but kayla hyne has cool hair in the pic where she has the lollipop so i'll give her a shout.