Saturday, June 21, 2008

she's giving me a heart attack, but it's the kind i like

Well the Kayla Hyne Chant train keeps on a-rollin'. Jess submitted her own solo contribution.

Jess runs the blog Tres Fly, and she really lives up to the name. Her blog is mostly an outfit blog, and I really admire how much she takes chances. Here are some of my favourite outfits of hers.

I have to say, I'm so thrilled and overwhelmed with the Kayla Hyne Chant videos submitted thus far.
Just to review, there's the original (by Nicola and myself), the first response (lovingly crafted by the amazing Libby), the second response (by the fantastic Sophia) and this latest solo effort, by Jess.
I'm so stoked about these videos, guys, they're really awesome, and I know Kayla is just elated. I just can't express how much I appreciate you making these videos and I really hope each of your posts made it worth it to you. Because there's been such a great response, I want to lay down some guidelines about future Kayla Hyne Chant videos (I've got my fingers crossed that there are some!)
-Chants really are best with a group...if you can't find a group, that's cool, but it really is ideal...parties are perfect because drunk people will just fall right in, though I completely understand that it's a bit of an awkward thing to get going because none of your friends know Kayla Hyne
-I totally understand why you guys want to protect your anonymity, it is the Internet after all. That being said, some visuals would be awesome, even if it's not people or anything.
Anyway, I'm just so blown away by how much response there is for this. You guys are like winged monkeys, or something equally exciting.


Cate said...

i thought about doing a solo too, but then..this wouldn't be the real thing, although jess did it really amazingly!
well, it's summer, there will be many parties!! i'm just waiting for the next one to come around...and i have to say, jess really does have amazing outfits!
by the way molly, i tagged you. i think you'll enjoy the tag, as a fellow music and list fan.

Molly :] said...

Jess dresses so good.... :)