Friday, June 20, 2008

she's touring the facility and picking up slack

Everyday we pick up the newspapers or turn on the news...actually, probably not, but everyday we are constantly reminded that humanity pretty much sucks.
But no!! This week, it was brought to my attention that human nature is basically good. Especially Sophia. Her fantastic friends and her submitted to me this video, nearly singlehandedly restoring my faith in the universe.

The Kayla Hyne Chant lives on!! And I can't tell you how perfect the timing was, as it was Kayla Hyne's 18th birthday yesterday. She was so thrilled with the new video that she proceeded to get way too drunk, but who says that's a bad thing?
But this point isn't (totally) about Kayla Hyne. This is about Sophia, who runs the blog The Banana is IN, a blog with a title that I must admit makes no sense to me, therefore I can appreciate its greatness from the outside.
Frankly, I'm not shocked that Sophia is so cool. She's from my favourite American city and I have no doubt that her hometown has been part of the path that led her to her current excellence.
What makes Sophia so great? Well, for one, from what I gather, she's only thirteen and yet she's already great! When I was thirteen, I was obsessed with Michael Jackson! At such a young age, she already knows exactly what she wants from life. Her goal? "to be able to put on my lipstick a la The Breakfast Club."
She also has great taste.

This dress is so far beyond perfect for a good time that I can't imagine spending a split second not enjoying life while wearing it.
She's also an extra in the upcoming movie Milk, so keep your eyes peeled for a girl radiating the awesomeness that comes with performing the Kayla Hyne Chant during the crowd scenes.
Sophia enjoys "escapades of hilarity" and I ask, who among us doesn't love such escapades?
In short, Sophia is all of us. Already great, the Kayla Hyne Chant has taken her to the next level of rad-ness. Read Sophia's blog and, for Lord's sake, take the challenge yourself.


ellie said...

You're so good at promoting people we should know about. They should be thanking you.

Thanks for the comment, too. Glad to keep you interested.

MR style said...

great post darling !

sophia said...

Haha. you have a gift for praise :) i just hope my blog lives up your promoting. i have recently developed a IM-SPEAKING HABIT and i need to kick it. badly. hopefully said habit will not rear its ugly head in my blog...

Sister Libby said...

YES! Somebody has joined me...nice. And happy birthday Kayla Hyne...haha.

Siljesfashion said...

Lovely post!That blue dress is devine.

Cate said...

woot! she's only 13? she's VERY cool. you're right, and i love the title of her blog too. one thing i noticed is that there is never any PICTURE in the kayla hyne chant videos. is that part of the game? or just coincidence?

btw, tell kayla hyne happy belated 18th birthday from a girl she doesn't know. ^^

Belle said...

For some reason the video didn't work, but maybe that was just for me :S. The rest of the post was excellent though. I am glad that you enjoyed my last post.

coco said...

Wow that dress is cute. I adore the colour!

Diana Coronado said...

I luv that blue.
I want a dress with that blue !!

The Clothes Horse said...

Okay...LOVE the song you referenced in your post title! Short skirt/long jacket is one of my all time favorites. I love the line, "she's using a machete to cut through red tape." @_@

jess said...

great post. i love the blue dress her blog is pretty cool. After all that peer pressure you heap upon us i decided to take the challenge, i'm accidently singing a bit of the wizard and i at the begining is that okay?