Monday, January 12, 2009

i don't say i'm a good man, oh, but i would be if i could

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Hmm...20 men I admire. So I guess this is different from a sexy list, though I'm sure these men will be attractive in their own admirability. Frankly, the criteria I use to determine who I put on this list (and I wouldn't put a lot of merit in the numeric order I put them in) is basically how much they inspire me.
I tag two people who I'm excited to welcome back to blogging, two old friends of mine: Maya and Crazy Eddie, my favourite blogger Libby, and two bloggers who are not men, but I sure do admire them: PrettyInBlack and Miss Karen.

20 Men I Admire:
1. George Clinton
Pretty much the source of all good in my life. Incredibly musically talented, and also wise and free.
2. Andre 3000
Incessantly creative, original and brilliant, Andre 3000 is a true find.
3. Prince
Prince is so free-spirited and mysterious, and always true to himself.
4. Barack Obama
How could you not admire someone whose intent is so noble?
5. Peter Green
His voice and guitar has been such a comfort to me recently. He gives off such warm, kind, sensitive vibes.
6. Hunter S. Thompson
Hunter S. Thompson played by his own rules.
7. The Dude
He does not let circumstance get him down and wears his laziness like a badge.
8. Marvin Gaye
Anyone who can make me feel as good as Marvin Gaye does deserves a spot on this list.
9. Arthur Lee
Sadly, Arthur Lee's genius is not recognized as much as his peers (or even inferiors), but that does not diminish it in any way.
10. Glenn Goins
Glenn Goins and his divine voice mean the world to me.
11. Fat Albert
Buried underneath obscene amounts of flesh, Fat Albert has a heart of gold. He's also super chill.
Hey, hey, hey, that cat's okay
12. Sherlock Holmes
Despite being very sexist, Sherlock Holmes was a brilliant, dedicated man whose cold exterior rarely showed the deep compassion he had inside.
13. Jimi Hendrix
Sometimes I can't help but wonder whether Jimi Hendrix was fully human. There's something so extraterrestrial about him and his talents. Either way, he oozed physical and musical beauty.
14. Lester Bangs
The words, the words....I'd give anything to be able to write or speak like Lester Bangs did.
15. Ken Kesey
Some people just seem to know the secret to life. Ken Kesey is one of those people. Though he was a very talented writer (ever heard of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?) I feel his main work of art was his spectacular life.
16. Garry Trudeau
You probably wouldn't recognize the face, but he's the cartoonist behind Doonesbury, one of my favourite things ever. Witty and wise, Mr. Trudeau is a great man.
17. Frank Zappa
A non-conformist in the truest sense of the word.
18. Albert Einstein
I can't help but admire any scientist who says that imagination is more important than knowledge.
19. Fred Hampton
A member of the Black Panthers Party, he organized a free breakfast program for Chicago's poorest children. He was shot in his sleep by police.
20. Arlo Guthrie
A fantastic, laid-back man, with a phenomenal sense of humour.


Katelin said...

love this post, it's so you. :)

Katelin said...

okay that comment made no sense, but i still love the post, haha.

this wheel's on fire said...

i LOVELOVELOVE that one of arlo!! such a perfect list C:

Jill said...

Sensual photo of Jimi...great post...

Antonia said...

awesome post!
love these men!

love the blog

blue hearts said...

A wonderful selection of talented males. I still love Arlo's pic best..and his name too.

Sorry for the scary post. I like'm complicated..I guess.

julie said...

hey molly!
great list - noticed some expected overlap with previous lists, some not-so-expected choices.
oh, and barack rocks, baby. bring on january 20!

Anonymous said...

ooo very you! i admire obama as well

copperoranges said...

i love your lists!

albert einstein is definitely on mine as well . said...

lol. I like The Dude, Hunter S. and Ken Kesey. I have to say though, Frank Zappa freaks me out! lol. said...

Oh also, by the way... I never thought that the GG books were satirical, but now that you've voiced that to me, I can totally see it. I'll have to read them again, with that in mind. :)

Anonymous said...

I had such a blast reading about these 20 men. I share a lot of admiration for most of them too! :)

And thanks for the tag also - I loved thinking about men all day long today hehe.

Keith said...

Hey Molly. Thanks so much for participating. I appreciate it. I love your choices. I'm a big fan of so many of those men. I made the meme Men I Admire so anybody male or female could do it. Great list. Cheers!

Maya said...

God, I am so excited to be back. Your list is fantastic. This is going to be pretty hard but I've started compiling my list.

Aisha said...

zappa (L)

Mimi said...

Hello darling! I love all of your picks, I love mostly all of the same amazingly talented men!

Haven't been online in a while, sorry it took me forever to read one of my fave blogs, by my lovely friend Molly ♥


jess said...

Great choices, I love Andre 3000

Cate said...

First I thought "20, that's gonna be a long list", but I started reading and before I could really think about it the list was over! It's really fun to read.
Let's see what Obama will be like as President, from his speeches I couldn't really understand much about his intents.
I have a teacher who is like The Dude.
Jimi Hendrix is immortal.
I want to have Lester Bangs' t-shirt!! I WANT it!
Yeah, I've heard about "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" but I haven't read it yet.
Fred Hampton was a great person.

Maya said...

I've made my list finally. It was hard but pretty fun actually. :)

Molly said...

andre= love!
i was a little dissapointed not to see lil wayne up here though...

Anonymous said...


Marissa said...

I had no idea Arlo was so good looking in his day.

Sunniva said...

Hi dear Molly, grrrreat post as always! Your choices are perfect, and I agree with so many of them. Love that you put Arlo Guthrie in there...if I ever have a son, I'm going to call name him Arlo ;) xxx

Sister Libby said...

Ok, why have I not commented yet? I was going to put Frank Zappa on my list, but I don't think I can find a picture as great as yours. I think that Peter Green and The Dude are great and enlightened choices. I will be doing this, and thank you for tagging me. I think my blog should be called "Ashcan Rantings: Less Original and Not As Exciting"

Michelle said...

A pretty thrilling list, and very eclectic! I love it.