Thursday, January 22, 2009

it's so beautiful, it's almost unfair...

10 Songs I'm Into at the Moment:

1. "Stronger Than Me" by Amy Winehouse
Really now, isn't it refreshing to see Amy Winehouse being mentioned for her music? Sure, she's got issues, but her voice and songwriting are amazing. This is my favourite Amy song.

2. "White Women" by Adam Green
I don't listen to a lot of Adam Green, though I think he's ridiculously cool, but this blues-y, Doors-esque number is a true find. The first line is "You know I wanna bone you" - sold!

3. "Let Me Be" by Parliament
This is different than how you'd image Parliament to be, if your main idea of them is along the lines of "Flashlight" and "Tear the Roof Off". It's hard to describe, but it starts off with some piano and then Eddie Hazel pleading for some privacy. It's worth listening to even if only to see how versatile Parliament is. Personally, I straight up love this song.

4. "Love Rollercoaster" by Ohio Players
Okay, I'm probably not introducing you to anything new here, as most people know this song. But for good reason! It's awesome. Oh and the so-called "death scream" (it's at 2:32 on the recording included below, if you're listening for it) is just a myth, I must reiterate. No models were stabbed to death in a dispute over stickiness and their final scream captured in the song.
I find it interesting that since there are so many background screams (though admittedly, none of the others were quite as...shrill) why did people still assume it was a death scream?
Oh, right, cuz that's way more fun.

5. "If U Seek Amy" by Britney Spears
This song is genius. For those of you who didn't immediately get it, I'll quickly explain: "If U Seek Amy" = "If U See Kay Me" = "FUCK Me". Cute punnery aside, this is a pop masterpiece. And now they're going to go and ruin it by making it superoverexposed on the radio.
Dammit, have we learned nothing from "Gimme More"??

6. "Mr. Carter" by Lil' Wayne feat. Jay-Z
I'm really confused as to why this wasn't a single - oh, wait, there's a video, so I guess it was. Didn't get played around here! Anyway, this song is flyer than beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice..

7. "Coldblooded" by Rick James
Some superchill funk courtesy of Mr. Rick James.

8. "Frantic Moment" by Eddie Hazel
More amazing-ness from Eddie "Maggot Brain" Hazel. Some say he's a better guitarist than Hendrix - I don't know enough about guitar to judge that, but he sure can lay down a wicked song.

9. "Fairies Wear Boots" by Black Sabbath
My love for Black Sabbath grows with each listen and this song is my current favourite.

10. "Crime and Medicine" by Mos Def
I love Mos Def and I can't get enough of this track.

january 22


Sarah Von said...

Excellent songs all. Also: Rick James, you are -indeed- a freak of most epic nature.

For realz.

WAT said...

We were just having the discussion at work as to why Britney's song title was controversial, and here ya beautifully explain it to me!

THANKS! And God, I never thought I'd be praising Britney, but I just love her now! She has really grown into a pop superstar very nicely.

Eyeliah @ said...

Great choices, I am sooo listening to this playlist a few times at work today, thanks.
The fog was so crazy, I'm glad its starting to go away, it made it so cold, must have been cool to drive through it to some sunny skies!

Mimi said...

Great selection of songs! There has been talk about Britney's song and several radio stations have threatened to never air the song.. Which is fine by me, I have my cd and that's a song I dont wanna hear over and over again like Rhianna's 'Umbrella'.


Molly said...

i know what you mean, amy doesnt get the recognition she deserves for her songs! but im glad shes clean of drugs now, i look forward to seeing her back on the music scene.
oh, im sorry, i actually have a friend thats canadian:)

Sister Libby said...

Great songs. I love Adam Green and Amy Winehouse is my favorite celebrity, aside from Pete Doherty. I dig the hot messes. And did I comment on your great women post? I can't remeber if I said anything, but I liked it very much just for the record.

Dooder City said...

An array of genres! I love Parliament and Black Sabbath.

Jill said...

I've never heard White Women before...thanks for sharing. And it was great to be reminded of Love Rollercoaster! It took me forever to explain Britney's song to my husband...finally I pretty much had to act it out!

this wheel's on fire said...

Good choices! I don't know some of them so I'll have to go listen! xoxo

Anonymous said...

all awesome songs. i love amy winehouse. she has such a sultry, seductive voice.

jess said...

I totaly didn't get the Britney Spears thing then I read it a few times and and listened to it. I really clever. Did Miss Karen delete her blog? said...

It pains me to admit this, but it took me a while to get the title of the Britney song. lol. how lame. thanks for the cheers on the 20 women meme. I think I'll have to get my 20 men one done now! I'm halfway, but its taking a lot of deliberation.
Plus I've got a few book reviews in the press, so I think it might be a while before they're revealed. :) cheers.
PS: Love Mos Def. :)

Keith said...

All great songs. Right now I'm listening to a lot of Q-Tip and Common.

Curious Curandera said...

i like your song list!

Crazy Eddie said...

Hey Molly dahling. I know it took some time (eons) to respond to your tag, but I wanted to choose carefully and I had to find the time -- I'm very caught up in my work.

I was only able to list 10 guys instead of 20, but again, it took me forever to really process the thought of who I admire.

Hope it's enough...


PS. Loved your list of songs. Amy is a perfect choice. What a talent. Great music is written when your life is in shambles. It's the creative process. I particularly love "Wake Up Alone."


this wheel's on fire said...

gah! of course you love huckabees too! so great--all of the actors were perfect!! xo

julie said...

i am really slow on the uptake. thanks for explaining the hidden meaning of ms. spears's song.
btw, i posted a vid on my blog today by a band called Real Big Fish. not your type of music (ska) but please check it out and tell me if the lead singer doesn't look like Steven Hyde...

AsianCajuns said...

That clown in the Spears photo totally freaks me out!

Cate said...

I'm sure I will love this post.
It's definitely a nice change for Amy to be mentioned because of her music. Which album is that song off? Unfortunately it seems as if the YouTube video has no sound, at least for me :/
Okay, my YouTube is stupid, because none of the videos seem to have sound. I love the Adma Green song, although I always thought the first line was "You know I wanna bone you".
And your music player below isn't getting started for me either :( What a shame, I wanted to hear the death scream.
And damn! I'm probably stupid, but I never got the "If U Seek Amy" thing. Now I love this song even more.

The Clothes Horse said...

I'll have to give these a listen, since I haven't been listening to new music lately.

copperoranges said...

i did not understand the If You Seek Amy title at all until just now! in the song is much more obvious ... wow!

looove lil wayne!

Anonymous said...

Nice list.
: )

copperoranges said...

yes, it is!

my full name is alexandria noelle though. lexie is just my full time nickname.

Ashley L. said...

I love mos def. I'll definitely have to check out that track. I did a post similar to this just the other day. You have some interesting sounding songs here that I'm looking forward to listening to! Thank you for sharing!

E.K. said...

I love Mos Def too, nice blog.