Tuesday, January 27, 2009

listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness, like a heartbeat drives you mad

I think we all know that the one area of my life where I am most blessed is in the concert department (also, hair - I have great hair). My lucky streak continues - yesterday I acquired tickets to go see Fleetwood Mac in May!
Sadly, it isn't my preferred Fleetwood Mac (i.e. early Peter Green) but in any case it should be wicked. Stevie Nicks used to be my idol, and I still think she's ridiculously cool. Lindsey Buckingham is, of course, also rad. It will be a huge honour to see two members of the original Fleetwood Mac (Mick Fleetwood and John McVie). True, Christine McVie won't be there, but I'm not gonna let that bring me down!
Here's a great video of Stevie Nicks-era Fleetwood Mac covering Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well".

Anybody else score Fleetwood Mac Unleashed tickets? Get on that shit, it'll be the bee's knees!


julie said...

Woohoo! great ticket score!!! i love fleetwood mac, as well, and also went through a true "stevie nicks girl crush" stage. in fact, my high school boyfriend had a niece and when i heard his sister was naming the baby Rhiannon i was seriously pissed at her for taking that! lol. i dont know if this tour is coming near philly but i will check.


Molly said...

ooh lucky you!
wow, i looooove fleetwood mac <3

this wheel's on fire said...

Oh you lucky bitch!! :D

P.S. Gave you an award on the blog :)

Mimi said...

Your such a lucky girl! Amazing to score tickets to that concert, and yes you do have great hair!


P. S. I just HAD to include Tina Fey on my tag list, I prefer her impersonations of Sarah Palin than the REAL Sarah Palin talking.. lol

Katelin said...

woo woo for concerts. so exciting!

Allison said...

Oh, I wish I could have gotten tickets! I agree with you about early Peter Green - those were the days :)
And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - I've LOVED reading yours!

jess said...

You have such great concert luck.

Keith said...

Wow! That's so cool. I hope you have a great time. I've never seen Fleetwood Mac at all, but I've always thought it would be an awesome show.

copperoranges said...

i am so jealous you are going to see fleetwood mac! lucky girl.

Cate said...

Hair? How does hair come into this? Haha :)
You're so lucky it makes me weep. I wish I could go to a Fleetwood Mac concert too.

Dooder City said...

I am so jealous! I was going to buy tickets to MSG shows but then The Grateful Dead announced they got back together so I bought those tickets instead!