Sunday, March 01, 2009

"i look like i eat tuna casserole all day" lookin' boy

Stylish Vancouverite Eyeliah has tagged me for the 7 Random Things tag. I do so love this tag, it's my third time doing it. I don't find it hard at all, because I'm pretty self-involved, and I love thinking about myself (sounds cold but true).

1. The celebrities I get told I resemble are Gail Zappa, Cory Kennedy, Miss Sparky (from the GTO's), Katie Holmes and Irina Lazareanu.

2. The South Park moment that amuses me most consistantly is in the episode "Tonsil Trouble" where Cartman gets accidentally gets infected with HIV, and responds to every "Are you sure?" with "I'm HIV-positive". It just never gets less funny.

3. Even though my friends rule and I enjoy being with them so much, I love being by myself and doing things by myself. I know lots of people prefer to do everything with friends (shopping, eating out, etc.), but I think it's important to feel comfortable doing all these activities on your own. It might sound sad to say that I'm my own best friend, but it feels great!

Exit Music (for a Film) - Brad Mehldau
4. I play piano and I'm learning Brad Mehldau's cover of Radiohead's "Exit Music". I'm not a big Radiohead fan, but I love this version, it's gorgeous and so much fun to play.

5. I know I'm behind on the trends, but I recently discovered both 30 Rock and Chuck Klosterman, and I can't get enough of either of them.

6. A website I've found fascinating as of late is , an anti-psychic Sylvia Browne page devoted to exposing the fraud she so clearly is. As someone with an interest in the afterlife, I'd read a couple of her books casually without forming a strong opinion on her. This website changed all that. It's absolutely infuriating what this woman does. She actually will give people medical diagnoses based on her "psychic" powers (which can discourage them from seeking proper medical advice if she says they're fine), but perhaps most appalling is the "work" she does regarding missing children. Two of her more well-known cases are regarding Shawn Hornbeck (she told his parents that he was dead, when he in fact was alive - you can only begin to imagine the traumatic effect this would have on them) and Opal Jennings (she told her parents that she was alive and being sold into sexual slavery in Japan, when in fact she'd been murdered in Texas - also devastating in a different manner). It's absolutely shocking that this woman is not only generally accepted as psychic, but that she's hugely popular and disgustingly wealthy. I urge you to check out, especially if you're a fan of hers.
(Another great article that sums up Sylvia Browne's fraudulence in a more condensed manner can be found here)

7. On a lighter note, I got into "Lookin Boy" while I was in vacation in the South and was distraught to return home to find that it was virtually unknown in Canada.
Y'all ready for another round of 'lookin boy'? Good, you are now. It's allll in the delivery.
(0:027...the guy on the left...Jazzy Jeff or what?)


Crazy Eddie said...

Sylvia Browne is the definition of FRAUD. Whenever I would catch her on The Montell Williams Show, I would just stare at that bish in complete disgust. She was paid to "read" the dimmest of folk and tell them what they wanted to hear.

Lookin' Boy... LMAO. I had to watch the video twice because it was hysterical. The words: Priceless.

Love the pics of you. You are gorge.

Besos para siempre my luscious rose.

Crazy Eddie said...

OOPS... I really thought the bottom pics in the frame were really you. My bad. I swear I'm not retarded.



PS. Maybe you can edit that out from my

Keith said...

Hey Molly. These were all really cool. I had really some of Sylvia Browne's books a few years ago. I had a friend who was really into her. I would see her on Montel Wiliams, but wasn't really sure what I thought of her. She seemed like a kook. I did read a few of her books. Something never really clicked for me with her. I just couldn't really get behind what she was saying. I definitely believe she is a fraud, a con artist, a charlatan, you name it. said...

I have never heard of Sylvia Browne [God I almost typed her name as Sylvia Fraud - which ironically is seeming to be correct. :(]
I've never really been interested in these John Edwards, Crossing Over type shows, it just makes me laugh that people are so ready to believe what they say. Grr... anger.
I never looked much into Neal Cassady, but he DID write a novel. It was an autobiographical novel called, The First Third. I can't I'd heard of it until I wikipedia'd, but yeah, there's an interesting fact! :)
I have to agree with you on the doing things by yourself, though from my posts lately, that seems a bit untrue, but I do do a lot of things alone now, considering most of my friends are overseas. lol.

this wheel's on fire said...

I love all of these, esp. the Sylvia Browne one. I used to think it's interesting what these people do, but it's just so messed up (esp her). I hate how they can twist people's emotions and make them believe something so clearly not true....I'll never understand.

Anonymous said...

these were really fun to read! i enjoy doing things by myself too. i don't want to sound like a loner, but sometimes just being at home with peace and quiet is soothing for me.

Maya said...

I've never heard of sylvia brown but she sounds awful. I hate people like that.
The piano music is beautiful, I play piano too so i completely appreciate how much fun it must be to play.
Where do you find the pieces for your shop?
I'm in the midst of major exam chaos at the moment but I was something up maybe next school year. Who knows if that will ever happen though.

Sister Libby said...

The fact that you actually look like those celebrities is really uncanny and jealousy inducing. Someone once said I looked like Owen Wilson...Or Ralphie, from "A Christmas Story". And lookin' boy? Bad-A.

The Clothes Horse said...

You get to resemeble such cool celebrities. People always tell me I look like Pam from the Office...not terrible, but terribly boring!

Eyeliah @ said...

hehe, thanks for doing the tag! I <3 South Park. My fav is when they play the spitting game so they all get chicken pox! ewwww

Allison said...

Jeeez, girl I wish I looked like those celebs. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

Ugh, Sylvia Browne...honestly I can't believe that she can live with herself, giving people hope like that and then being a fraud. It's terrible, but honestly, her karma has to be so awful so she'll get it eventually.

I've always thought it's good to be able to go out and do things alone that you do with friends...although I just can't seem to venture into a restaurant by myself (or the cafeteria at my school for that matter!). Hopefully I'll be able to get much more ballsy :)

This was so fun! I love these kinds of posts.

Mimi said...

I feel like I know you a little bit better :]

Yes Sylvia Browne disgusts me, her voice is like nails on a chalk board to me and I can't stand to look at her.
Completely agree with the website