Monday, May 11, 2009

feels so good, feels so good, don't wanna move, don't wanna move, feels so good, feels so good, wanna move, wanna move

There's a lot of things that make Sly & the Family Stone great, but I've got two personal favourite elements: vocals and bass. On most given Sly songs, you can enjoy some super wormy basslines comin' atcha hard, courtesy of either Larry Graham or Sly Stone himself. And if that's not enough you can enjoy Brother Freddie's gospel voice, Larry Graham's deep chants and, most of all, Sly's extremely versatile singing.
I'll stop teasing and bring you, thanks to a suggestion by this wheel's on fire,

My Top 5 Favourite Sly & the Family Stone songs:

1. "If You Want Me To Stay" from Fresh

It only takes about ten seconds for this song to let you know what I mean when I say the awesome-ness of Sly & the Family Stone boils down to bass and vocals. And that's Sly on bass and vocals - bow down.
Also, he's probably one of the most versatile vocalists ever.

2. "Luv'n'Haight" from There's a Riot Goin' On
Quite possibly the most chill-without-fully-putting-one-to-sleep song I've ever heard. I don't know whether I should be dancing or lying down when listening to it. Perfect example of chill funk.

3. "Skin I'm In" from Fresh
I can't say it enough: BASS and VOCALS.
First you get treated to 35 seconds of slippery bassline, letting anticipation build and build until it explodes with one of Sly's magnificent screams.

4. "Jane is a Groupee" from Life
Released before "groupie" was even a common term with established spelling, this wickedly delightful track serenades the type of girl who sleeps with the band for the their fame, not the music - Jane ain't no Band Aid. With a pass-the-baton vocal style that was their trademark, I also love it because I adore Brother Freddie's voice even if it's not as versatile as Sly's.
Or, as Jane would say, "Say, hey, Freddie, I like you, when you play the blues you make me blue...I'd like to go around with you, too"

5. "M'Lady" from Life
Often dismissed as a "Dance to the Music" rip-off, I much prefer it to that more wellknown hit. In fact, I can sum of my feelings for this song with lyrics from it: "She's a winner, hey? Give her some attention/Just thought I'd mention it"



Keith said...

Hey Molly. Another awesome post. It doesn't get much cooler than Sly.

Mimi said...

Sly and the Family Stone is perfect for dance grooves!


this wheel's on fire said...

oooo yay! sly's the man :D

Planet Mondo said...

His ' Higher' performance at Woodstock is a killer - it's on youtube - but I'm sure you've seen it already..

copperoranges said...

ooooh i love that you include song samples!

and yes - anticlimatic is the best way to describe my flunk day ... honestly waiiiting was the best part!

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

Wow. Sly & the Family Stone ROCKS!


You just seem so young to know of Sly and Dylan and the 70's groove. I guess someone is teaching youngsters something out there.

My girlys used to say, "Beatles Rock", now they are into Hannah Montana and High School Musical (it's the age, not much I can do here). Their young minds will see the light, eventually. It's a right of passage to listen to bad pop music when you are young.

(I still have hope for them!)