Tuesday, May 12, 2009

it's busta rhymes bitch, i ain't never fail ya

I've only been getting into Busta Rhymes this past month or so, but I'm definitely digging what I see and hear thus far. I'm not gonna lie, the supreme awesomeness of his videos definitely helped fan the flame of my love for him. I'm tempted check him (and Big Boi and Talib Kweli!) out at the Rock the Bells tour this summer.

My Top 5 Favourite Busta Rhymes Songs:

1. "Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em)" from Back on my BS
I got into this song thanks to the phenomenal ACDC (Adam/Chu Dance Crew) video. I especially love that he says "Got niggas wonderin when I'm gonna bring the hook in" because I've always noticed that about Busta Rhymes songs - you can never tell when he's gonna let the hook drop. The video is awesome, with Busta playing King Kong, a newscaster, a James Brown-like character, a fireman, a "fly 80's fella" and himself in various brightly coloured parkas.

That's really just the immediate reaction to this song. One of those songs that, if you're not easily offended, is just a pleasure to listen to. With every "Hmm", my heart sings. Some choice one-liners: "See the police gon' jail ya/For walking around wit the kind of ass that'll kill ya now/Don't worry bout it I got money to bail ya/Shorty stacking like a mule, type of shit that'll scare ya" and "You need a - a chiropractor just to marry yo ass/To tell the truth you need a tractor just to carry yo ass".

3. "Touch It" from The Big Bang
The highlights of this songs are definitely the "Get low, Bus"/"TURN IT UP!"'s - they set the tone. Speaking of which, Busta Rhymes is a genius with contrasting his vocals, and its particularly noticeable here.

The video has a black-Mr.-and-Mrs.-Smith theme featuring the gorgeous Gabrielle Union, plus a Dr. Dre cameo. I have strong feelings that this is an incredibly romantic song, even though I must admit hearing his girlfriend referred to as his "bitch" that many times in one song makes me prefer the clean version.

5. "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See" from When Disaster Strikes
Definitely one of the songs that is made, in my eyes, by the video. Still, the song ain't half bad itself...I especially like the reference to a "thug named Julio, he moody yo".

(Click on the link to hear the songs in their entirety)


Keith said...

I've heard some of his stuff, but I don't know much about him though.

Sarah Von said...

I love Busta so hard! The soundtrack of 11th grade, yo.

Mimi said...

I love his voice and his laugh is memorable and infectious


WAT said...

What little I've been exposed to is enough for me to truly respect and admire BUSTA RHYMES! His stage name is no joke! That fool can rap a mean line or two or three! LOL! He is amazing! And his videos are way neat! And his songs are soooooo catchy! Me likey him a lot, like Missy Elliot!

Gotta explore his music further someday...

WAT said...

And, can I get a top 5 Beatles songs or individual Beatle solo songs please?

copperoranges said...

one time on an old mtv spring break special i heard topanga from boy meets world rappin' a busta rhymes song. tooo good.

Anonymous said...

i once walked in on my super conservative pakistani grandmother watching #5...needless to say it was really weird and highly traumatic!