Thursday, July 02, 2009

tell me something good, tell me that you like it

I had fully intended on blogging last week, but the very sudden and shocking death of one of my favourite musical artists left me simply too distraught. The irony of a day that I have dreaded for years (the day of Michael Jackson's death) coinciding with a day that I have excitedly anticipated for years (my 18th birthday) would have been comical had it not been so devastating. I don't really feel like doing a long tribute to MJ, as I can't imagine what I could possibly add to the many tributes done by casual fans.

Instead I will celebrate my birthday and graduation with an old Ashcan Rantings favourite - the songs that have been rockin' my world the hardest the past little while.

10 Songs I'm Into At the Moment
1. "If I'm In Luck, I Might Get Picked Up" by Betty Davis
Betty Davis is a bad mama-jama...I've fawned over her and her pure awesomeness before, but she continues to surprise me with her all-killer, no-filler albums. I got her self-titled debut for my birthday (thanks, Nicola!), completing my Betty Davis collection. This is the track I can't stop listening to.
"So all you lady haters, don't be cruel to me/Ah, don'tcha crush my velvet, don'tcha ruffle my feathers neither/I said I'm crazy, I'm wild/I said I'm nasty"

2. "Red Hot Mama" by Funkadelic
It's the spoken word introduction, first high-speed then screwed, that makes me turn this song on, but it's the heavy, badass guitar work (does Eddie Hazel ever let you down?) that keeps me from turning it off once the music drops.
"A luscious bitch she is, true/But it's not nice to fool Mother Nature/The proud Mother of God, like all ho's, is jealous of her own shadow"

3. "Worried Dream" by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac
I'll emphasize once again that this is very different from Stevie Nicks' Fleetwood Mac - it's blues and this is a B.B. King cover. Anguished guitar and beautiful vocals, it's probably moved up to be one of my absolute favourite Fleetwood Mac songs. Listen to the version linked above rather than the one in the playlist - or, you know, both!
"It may sound silly to you, woman/Baby, but tell me my dream was not true"

4. "The Glamorous Life" by Sheila E.
It's no secret that I love Prince, and I love most of the music he's written for protegées, but this one in particular is a favourite. Sheila E stands out among his protegées as a strong woman who is actually talented (!) - she's a kickass drummer. Vocally, she's just mediocre, but, as with most pop music, it's all about the production.
"She said, I need a man's man, baby/Diamonds and furs/Love would only conquer my head"

5. "Respect My Conglomerate" by Busta Rhymes feat. Lil' Wayne and Jadakiss
I love Busta Rhymes, I love Lil' Wayne and I love any collaboration they make together.
"It's Bus Rhyyyymes, and I'm back/with the crack, and the thugs, and the drugs/ Nigga BLACK"
6. "If Tha Mood" by Esthero
Filthy and taunting and wicked - how could I do anything but love it?
"She won't fuck you like I do/She's not into that wild shit"

7. "Cherry Red" by Earthless
I know...I'm all over the place. But I love heavy, hard rock, and this band does not disappoint. You like Sabbath? Check 'em out.

8. "Give It to Me Right" by Melanie Fiona
You know, from the fact that it dares to sample the Zombie's immortal "Time of the Seasons", I assumed I was going to hate this song. I ended up really digging it, probably because I love this chick's voice. I think the sample was tastefully done and where I'm at right now, I'd rather be listening to this than the Zombies version! Blasphemy, yes, but I cannot tell a lie.
"I'm not, I'm not trying to run your life/That's why, that's why I'm nobody's wife/But when I want and when I want it, you gotta be ready"

9. "Tell Me Something Good" by Rufus
Not gonna lie - this song makes me think of That 70's Show, but really, that's not a bad thing. It's so purely joyful and, I must say, Kayla Hyne-esque. I can't get into most 70's funk bands because they all pale so profoundly when compared to P-Funk, but this song has definitely been sung by me on multiple occasions in the past month, often in public.
"Tell me something good!/Tell me that you like it, yeahh"

10. "My Dick" by Mickey Avalon feat. Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy
"My dick...nuff said"

july 2/09


Katelin said...

happy birthday! and as always great song picks :)

Lexie said...

that last one is HILARIOUS!

i love your song posts!

Belle said...

Well Happy Belated Birthday!
I have been waiting for you to comment on Michael Jacksons death. When I heard I thought of you. Strange how blogging creeps into your everyday life.

Eyeliah SS said...

Seriously I've been listening to my dick over and over since we got the cd a couple yrs ago. I know all the words, I love that shit. :-)

this wheel's on fire said...

(erykah badu couldn't remind me of anyone else haha)

"She's got big thoughts, big dreams/And a big brown Mercedes sedan/What I think this girl/She really wants/Is to be in love with a man"----classic!


I'm sorry that the two huge events happened on the same day...That's terrible. I have a feeling you felt the same way that I would (and will) feel if Pete Townshend dies. I'm sorry....

Planet Mondo said...

Loving that list - PS I'm posting my first podcast next week and have included a superfunky Jackson' cover..

Have you ever heard Lee'Scratch'Perry's version of Tell Me Something good - perfect for summer

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!
i enjoyed listening to all the songs you had here.
and the last one...haha... :)

Allison said...

Happy belated birthday Molly! I figured you'd post something about MJ's death - so tragic, and I'm sorry it fell so close to your bday!

I love Mickey Avalon. I know that's weird, but I feel like he's so bad, he's good. I introduced my friends at school to him my sophomore year, and now they all love him too - though they can't exactly explain why!

I love that Melanie Fiona song too! While the Zombies are fantastic, this one cuts it prettyyy close too! (P.S. James Taylor's son Ben did a cover of 'Time of the Season''s a little creepy, but not altogether awful!).

Enjoyyy your summer Molly! I missed your posts (though I do understand!).

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I cant believe your birthday is 2 days before mine :) How cool?!

I know what you mean, MJ's death shocked me I was not ready to see him go.

I've had Melanie's song on my playlist for a while I was surprised I liked it so much myself!


P. S. Dirt Nasty makes me laugh, Simon Rex is hilarious

etoilee8 said...

I still can't believe so few people know about Betty Davis! (But I'm always shocked when someone does, I guess). And Happy Birthday!

Annie Spandex said...

Happy birthday and graduation!
Love that you included Sheila E :)

Braindance said...

Have you checked the band Prince put together called Vanity 6? They are beyond cool, my personal fav track, the chorus goes 'I'm a sex shooter, shouting in your direction.

They do a song called makeup, that should be part of any self respecting glamazons getting ready playlist.

Sister Libby said...

That's an odd coincidence with the birthday/death thing. I feel terrible for Farah Fawcett...what a day to die, right? Her airtime was cut in half, I would guess...Thank you for the wonderful variety. And I still haven't added you on b.

The Peach Tart said...

I just found your site. I love that you have a quote from Little Wing in your bio. Adore your song pics.

Flavia M. from FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE said...

Mickey Avalon is so funny!, i love the guy...

Keith said...

Hey Molly. Happy Belated Birthday. Great to see a new post from you. It was wonderful to see a new one up here. Cool tunes. You always post about such awesome music. You've got wonderful tastes. Take care. Hope your week is going well so far. Cheers!

shopgirl28 said...

I know. It's very sad that he's gone. Nice song picks. Happy belated birthday.

Eddie said...

Molly my love. I apologize for not being around as of late, I've just been busy with my students. I'm back though and I've missed you dearly...


I love her. I've been a fan since her inception and I have my favorite songs. Breathe From Another was an album I played obsessively. "Superheroes" and the actual song "Breathe From Another" were my top favs. I also feel tickled when I listen to "I Drive Alone" on her latest album. I slide into a musical trance when I hear that song and I find her voice extremely soothing. I've listed Esthero under one of my Top 10 albums of all time in a previous post...

I love your choices my darling. As usual, you've schooled me on some artists I've never really paid much attention to before.

Peace and Latin love...

Mouthwash said...

Awe, Happy be-lated birthday love.
I took the death of Michael hard. I'm still recovering. I cannot think of a time of my life that MJ hasn't played a huge part. I keep hoping that I'll wake up, and it'll all have been a cruel joke. However seeing his little daughter Paris break down at the memorial somewhat sealed it for me.

Great post; I am a huge fan of Esthero. (!)

Diana said...

happy belated birthday, this is a great playlist to have. i'm sure if you did decide to do a tribute it would be amazing and epic

a said...

it probably wasn't the best of plans playing 'my dick' while my brother and dad were in the room. it is also interesting that that's the first song i want to play out of the entire list...
in any event, i might be back. not too sure...

Fashion Minute said...

"tell me something good"!!! yes - quintessential summer song.

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Jill said...

Great list...Happy Birthday Chica!! I linked to you. My Dick makes me wanna have a dick!

Sister Libby said...

Just listening to your list. I may begin blogging again. Inspiration is building up...