Tuesday, June 23, 2009

everybody knows from the coy little wink, the girl's got a lot on her mind

I'm pretty sure there are no words in the human dictionary that describe how much I suck for not blogging or commenting in ages, but I think if there were, they would sound less like actual words and more like a large bird squawing in pain while being trampled by wildabeests. My bad!

I guess the only thing I can say to excuse my absence is that the weather has been gorgeous, I'm graduating from high school this week and it's my birthday on Thursday! So I have no tragic excuse, just happy ones! I have been busying myself with my online vintage store, and last weekend I photographed a whole bunch of new items in this gorgeous little graveyard. I hate for my first post in almost a month to be a long plug for my vintage store, but this is truly something I find interesting, exciting and feel passionate about - and I think you'll probably enjoy it as well!

70's Bright Psychedelic Hawaiian Print Maxi Dress
I really wanted this to be my grad dress, but it was a bit too small for me. It's so bright and so fun, I'm going to be infinitely jealous of whoever ends up with it.
Blue Embroidered Mexican Eyelet Dress
Absolutely gorgeous colour - with beautiful embroidered butterflies.

70's Brown Psychedelic Mini
Sure, it's simple, but it has a very flattering fit and is a good length.
Leopard-Print Fleur-de-Lis Rich Hippie Caftan
Unfortunately, the colours didn't turn out very well in the pictures, but it's a very rich looking piece, incredibly classy. Floral Hippie Off-Shoulder Peasant Mini Dress
If I wasn't cursed with very short legs, I would definitely be rockin' this allll summer long. It needs a long-legged woman to wear it to its full potential.Psychedelic Animal-Print Mazatlan Minidress
This dress is so mind-blowingly cool - animal print, a jungle scene, psychedelic birds of paradise...the word "Mazatlan"...yeah, you can't resist this, don't even try!
70's Floral Accordion Pleat Hippie Caftan
Accordian pleat! Yes, that is the sound of all your quirky pleat dreams coming true.

Purple Floral Wrap Skirt/Dress
Another one that I was tempted to keep for myself, but I have a skirt/dress almost the exact same colour so I figured I'd pass on the love.
70's Red Psychedelic Hippie Maxi Dress
Rich colours, bold psychedelic/paisley pattern....go head now, you hippie you.
70's Smoking Lady High-Waisted Maxi Skirt
I'm usually not a fan of full-length skirts, but how could I possibly resist this print? A smoking lady....genius.
70's Sleeveless Rainbow Striped Long Dress
This dress totally elongates the body - as vertical stripes are known to do - and is pretty flattering. It gives shorter girls like myself some semblances of height, and it makes taller girls look like freaking supermodels. Love the colours too.
70's Striped Zip-up Maxi Dress
Because this is made of terrycloth, it is the most perfect swimsuit cover up - like wearing a beautiful, comfortable, stylish towel! The pleats and V-neck keep it very flattering.

I will try, try, try to post more often, but it is now summer, so no promises!


Planet Mondo said...

Hey it's your blog you can do what your like..

Which dress do I like most cant' decide between the last one with stripes or the one with the 70s print - but both are very Ossie Clarke

Lexie said...

i've been lagging on the updates too .. it's just summer!

this wheel's on fire said...

All is forgiven because you're fucking awesome :)

And I was thinking the same thing about that picture--most likely Anita & Krissie....

Enjoy summer & graduating! Wow big step, huh? I know you're ready for it though! I was done with high school when I got on campus haha
Real life...

I love all of these pieces! Definately love the 60's and 70's vibe xo

Belle said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday!
I really like the skirt/dress.

Anonymous said...

congrats! and those dresses are so unique and fabulous

Dooder City said...

Oh my god, fashion overload. I love the dresses. So beautiful. The last one is my favorite.

Allison said...

I wishhh that I had beautiful summer weather to excuse my blogging absence, seriously girl, you soak up the summer :)
I wishhh that I had the money for some new stuff - I'm loving all your items, Molly!
And omg, congrats on graduation AND your birthday - so, so exciting :)

Jill said...

I love the 70's vibe your cultivating. I should have been born in '58 instead of '68 so I could have gotten my groove on!

Avant Gaudy said...

Congrats on becoming an entrepreneur right out of high school! Our founder, Deb, did almost the exact same thing you did.

Mimi said...

Yes, I've missed you! I am glad your back and I love everything you posted its all so beautiful!!!


Meg said...

I love the harlequin dress you've listed, I've been curbed as far as spending goes, but I can look!
Congrats on graduating from high school - bet it feels like a milestone!

Eyeliah SS said...

You have such great style! off to your shop.

Anonymous said...

ahhh your store is so gorgeous! i love the first picture the best, btw. the dress is so dreammyyyy!

Annie Spandex said...

That first maxi dress is so gorgeous!!!

this wheel's on fire said...

This might sound crazy, but Erykah Badu is on Jimmy Fallon, and that made me think of you :D

Braindance said...

What are the chances? We have the same vintage dress, and posted about it around the same time.

This is what my friends and I call a Braindance Coincidence...

jess said...

Happy Birthday! and graduation. I love the pleated dress and the skirt/dress.

as told by kiki said...

you look like kendra wilkins on the second to the last photo...pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!